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Effect of Color Psychology on Humans

Effect of Color Psychology on Humans

Color and emotions are linked with each other. Only digital marketers are starting to understand and take advantage. However, it only makes sense when you consider color in the design.

The impact of color in human psychology as user behavior is significant. A simple change in color can increase desire behavior by double or more.

Color Psychology:

On the psychological effects of color, there is rigorous scientific study. Although psychology focuses on branding and other design disciplines. There are many studies on the effects of color for practical reasons and primarily.

It consists of evidence and case studies from designers and individual companies. However, designers will affirm if they consider the psychological effect of color on the human and the vast majority. As it is a quick way to ensure poor user experience and reduce the conversion rate.

Effects of Color on Emotion:

The way color affects human feelings isn’t straightforward. There are many elements that influence one’s feelings. The association of a color of a person is an important factor.

Furthermore, it is possible to predict the response of the majority is because of the universal human experience. As green is associate with nature and most people have witness plants growing. Similarly, blue is associate with sky and water that determines calming.

Effects on Performance:

Color not only affects mood and emotions but also affects performance. According to the study published in the Journal of Experience Psychology, the red color negatively affected performance on a test. Furthermore, the participants perform 20% worse on tests than their peers when participants were given red.

However, it doesn’t mean red will always hinder performance. The red uniforms appear to give an advantage in the study of athletic performance. The athletes competing in four different sports during the 2004 Olympics, randomly given blue or red uniforms. In 19 of the 29 weight classes the red-clad athletes won.

Affect on Consumer Behaviour:

Color also affects the overall behavior of consumers. There are countless case studies comparing the effects of different choices on things like call to action. Furthermore, Hubspot ran a case study of switching a button from green to red and got conclusive results.

As green is associate with go, it might be that green would perform better. However, people might pause before clicking as red is associate with stop. In the case study, the red button outperforms green by 21%, and green significantly outperforms yellow or orange.

Another important area of choice is logo design. Brands pay thousands of dollars to specialists to find the right hue for their brand. One evokes correct actions and feelings from customers and also standing the right amount from their industry.

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