6 Psychological Hacks to Boost Your Productivity

6 Psychological hacks to boost your productivity
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We all have 24 hours in a day. However, what makes a person successful is how they utilize those hours to be more productive than others. Making the most out of our time is not an easy task. Honestly speaking, we all have tried making the most out of our time either by making a to-do list or by reading books on productivity. Maybe it worked but just for a short time.

Psychology has a significant influence on how we work. Likewise, we should learn to direct the system to our advantage. You can control your brain to work accordingly. I can vouch that you just need to follow these simple psychological hacks to boost your productivity,

Prevent Distractions

6 Psychological hacks to boost your productivity

The first way to deal with distractions is by letting the distraction not reach you. Create a tranquil space for yourself to work. Contemplate yourself on what distracts you the most. Put off your phone and social media. Don’t leave the TV in the background because that only affects your focus and concentration. In no time, your productivity will take its peak.

Take a Break

Small breaks once in a while can boost your concentration. Take a break when you feel your concentration dwindles. Recharge yourself with a short walk or fresh air. You will be surprised to see how you will feel more relaxed, motivated, and focused. But make sure your break doesn’t go too long.

Train Your Brain


Fun activities like jigsaw puzzles, sudokus, crossword puzzles, or chess can work on your brain muscle. They challenge our brains. It’s a great time pass to exercise your brain. Did you know that even doodling for 15 minutes can help increase your concentration?


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You probably have heard about all the bright sides of practicing meditation. It increases our focus and concentration. Moreover, it reduces stress levels and boosts our productivity. Even 5 minutes of meditation can do wonders.

Induce Brain Dopamine

Don’t try to accomplish a single huge goal at a single time. Give your brain a chance to produce dopamine hormone which is a reward-giving hormone. When you accomplish a small task, your brain produces the dopamine hormone. Dopamine encourages you to complete another task. Likewise, it will keep you motivated throughout the time. Hence break your huge goal into small parts and let dopamine do wonders on your productivity.

Sleep Better

6 Psychological hacks to boost your productivity
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7-8 hours of sleep per night is better for your brain. Sleep removes toxin from your brain that gets created during the day time. Hence, Better the sleep better the brain functions.

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