Foods That Can Actually Kill You

From among many dangers in the world, the risks form the food that you consume have got neglected.

Some foods can be so harmful that it can actually kill you.

Do you eat to live? If yes, then you might be surprised to know that some foods can take your life.

Most of the time, you might have tried to avoid certain foods that might be harmful to you.

But, there are foods that you did not are harmful and eat in a regular pattern.

Some foods are harmful and might take your life. Here are the lists of foods that you make you lose consciousness.


1. Octopus- Killing foods

Have you eaten an octopus? Do you know that an octopus that you eat taking as an option for your feeding habit can make your life?

In some parts of the world, people eat alive octopus.

You can consume a dead octopus, but a live one can make your life.

As they are suckers and can suck your body getting stuck in your throat, you might have some problems breathing.

Hence, you might face the challenge of asphyxiation. So, be careful while you eat octopus again for the next time.


2. Apricot seeds

The apricot seeds are harmful to health. It comes in the top list of foods that can actually kill you.

Apricot seeds have a dangerous effect on the body and can kill you if you consume them.

For this reason, apricot seeds get banned in the United States of America.

They have an active chemical called amygdalin, which has high toxicants.

Also, there is a false belief that the apricot seeds could be the cause of cancer.

They produce hydrogen cyanide when they come in contact with the human body. Hence, this effect can lead to the death of a person.


3. Almonds- Foods that can kill you

While people take almonds to stay healthy, they do not realize the fact that almonds could be the foods that can actually kill you.

Almonds contain some small parts of glycoside amygdalin, as well as hydrocyanic acid.

So, the high consumption of almonds is terrible for health.

The cyanide compounds present in almonds can make you suffer a lot and can even kill you. Be aware before you consume almonds in high quantities.


4. Potatoes

Do you eat potatoes once a day? Potatoes have become so popular in the world of vegetables that every household has a dish made from potatoes at least once a day.

But, they do not realize the fact that potatoes could be very harmful and lead to death.

The chemical compounds present in vegetables called glycoalkaloids, which are present in plants like tomatoes and potatoes, can be toxic to human health.

In most cases, it might cause some symptoms of dizziness, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and respiratory failure as well.

Because of the failure of the respiratory system, people might die.

Hence, potatoes could be food that can cause death even if it does not look like it harms human health. So, think before you eat a lot of potatoes.


5. Hot Dogs – Foods that can kill you

Among the killing foods for the human, hot dogs fall under the category too.

Although it is hard to believe, hot dogs kill people. So, they get listed on the top list of foods that can actually kill people.

As it is very lovable food, people consume it a lot. But, the effects of the hot dogs get neglected.

Talking about the chemical composition of hot dogs, hot dogs do not kill you with the chemicals. Instead, they die with food choking.

And because choking because of food is not a joke anymore, hot dogs have taken the life of many.

Therefore, think twice before you give hot dogs to your children.


6. Unpasteurized Honey

Honey is excellent food. Because of the medicinal importance of honey, it has become one of the most preserved foods.

But, honey has some adverse effects too. The honey that is not pasteurized has numerous effects on the human body and can even lead to death.

It contains a chemical called grayanotoxin, which can lead to different side effects like weakness and vomiting.

This can lead to the end of the human body ultimately. Hence, honey is also a food that you need to be aware of before you consume it.

Therefore, you should be very careful before you consume food and make sure that you take foods that do not harm your body.

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