How Can Project Management Can Turn you into a Great Leader

How can Project Management Can Turn you into a Great Leader

Being a great leader is one quality that every successful project manager possesses.

I would say successful project managers are those managers who practice both strong management skills and effective leadership skills.

This might sound confusing but leadership skills are not the same as management skills.

Strong management skills are gained through experience and practice whereas leadership skills are learned and leadership qualities are developed.

Effective leaders develop new leadership skills to complement those that made them successful as managers.

We know that behind a successful project manager there is his great leadership skills.

But this article here talks about how project management can turn a person into a great leader.


Developing Communication Skills

How can Project Management Can Turn you into a Great Leader

For a manager developing communication skills is a must.

Excellent communication skills are vital to enable a project manager.

That’s to communicate effectively with a broad spectrum of people at different levels within an organization and externally to make sure every work gets done smoothly.

When a manager develops this skill, it becomes his asset that turns him to be a good leader.


Sharing a Vision

Every project manager must have the ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ behind a project and effectively convey that vision to others.

After all it’s the vision of the manager that everyone else follows.

Successfully articulating the vision of a project ensures the team can experience it in their mind and helps to get them on board without delay.

Being able to ensure that your team member completely understands your vision and use their skills along with your own, to complete the project successfully, proves that you are a great leader as well.


Affirmative attitude

Behind every happy team is a manager who himself has a positive attitude regarding everything.

A leader with an eternally full cup and a positive mental attitude is a pleasure to engage with and their enthusiasm automatically rubs off on others.

Being committed to a project and displaying confidence in it impacts positively on the team and forms the basis of a happy, productive work environment.



As a project manager having trust of all your team members will help you in a long run.

Only when you have gained trust of everyone they will give their best for the project.

Since part of being a great team leader is the ability to gain the trust of your team, project management definitely helps you become a leader.

By demonstrating that you are committed to adhering to both your values and ethical practices in general, team members will soon recognize that you are an honest leader.



When doing a project one shall make a lot of mistakes. It’s only by learning from those mistakes that they become competent.

As a project manager all his past experiences makes him a competent leader.

When a leader is unable to demonstrate that they are competent and capable, they will be unable to gain the respect and trust of their team and colleagues.

A team must always feel confident that their leader is in control and knows exactly what they are doing.


Problem Solver

How can Project Management Can Turn you into a Great Leader

As a project manager one should always possess excellent problem solving skills.

They be resourceful and creative in their general approach to problems that may arise.

On many occasions when working on a project, a problem may be as a simple case of identifying the right person(s) within the team to help you resolve the problem quickly and effectively without any hassle.

Sometimes, the real skill here is in truly grasping the issues behind the problem.

As this is always a fundamental element of the problem solving process. Having this skill makes you a great leader ultimately.


Team Builder

How can Project Management Can Turn you into a Great Leader

Only a person who can lead a team can be called a great project manager.

A strong, happy team is a productive one. For the project to reach a successful conclusion all the team members need to be working well together for a common purpose.

Within any team of individuals, we shall find a variety of personalities.

Part of successfully leading a team will involve learning about each individual’s skills and personality in order to get the best out of the team as a whole.

Spotting areas of conflict within the team early on so that it doesn’t create any problem and managing conflict in right time is crucial for a project manager.

All these skills are the one which we learn as we go forward with project management and its these qualities that we learn which makes us a great leader.

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