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Love Dogs? Then These 7 Subreddits Are For You

cute dog face

Imagine this. You had a hard day at work (or school). You completed the day and need to watch something cute, something wholesome, something that will cheer you up. There is nothing like looking at dogs at the end of the day.

They are cute, hilarious and they cheer you up. They are people’s best friends for a reason. But what if you don’t have a dog at home? Then why not look them up on the internet? Particularly on Reddit.

This is a list that will help you look at something that will definitely cheer you up at the end of the day. DOGS.

Here’s a list of subreddits for people to join if they love dog contents:


Open this subreddit, and you won’t be able to stop going aww. This subreddit is an absolute joy for when you are down. They mostly have contents that are absolutely adorable with puppies, bunnies, and babies. 

They have a strict policy against posting sad photos or videos. So rest assured that you won’t come across something that will make you sad. And be ready to say “aww” after every post.


All dog owners know that our puppies are cutest when they are acting goofy. And they act like complete idiots. And can’t help saying “aww” even when they are acting completely stupid.

And if you like watching goofy dog videos or photos, then you will fall in love with this subreddit. Not only dogs, but this subreddit also has videos, photos, and gifs of all kinds of animals doing goofy stuff.


Human fails are funny, but animal fails are cute. And what is cuter are dogs being clumsy. Some of these videos will even make you laugh cry.

What’s more in this subreddit is the sheer variety of animals failing. Users posts videos of dogs, cats, hamsters, and even animals like pandas, zebras, or lions being clumsy. This subreddit will be your favorite.


Dogs are not just cuddling buddies; they are capable of doing so much more. And even while working, they still look cuter than your first crush. 

So dive into this subreddit where these furbabies work as herding dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, police dogs, or sometimes pretending to work.


This subreddit is an absolute joy for me. They are founded on a simple premise- Sharing photos of your canines. Scrolling through this subreddit feels so authentic and joyful. It feels like you are on Instagram and scrolling through only dog content. 

The best thing about this subreddit is that they have a no-stock photos rule. So we find people just like you and me posting photos of their dogs in their habitat. And the original poster of the photos is almost always willing to share stories of their furbabies.


Just want to see some cute doggos doing cute doggo things, then join this subreddit. 

This subreddit exists solely for cute animal photos. They have users posting photos of puppers, cats, and other animals just doing their own thing. And you won’t even have to hide your puppertalking. This subreddit encourages its users to puppertalk, and shaming puppertalk is banned. 


Who doesn’t love happy dogs? Happy puppies do Zoomies, and we love them. If you don’t know what zoomies are, then you are missing out on so much. Zoomies release pent-up energy dogs have where they run around, usually in the same path, again and again.

This group only contains videos or gifs of dogs doing their happy run. Just a scroll in this subreddit makes me smile.

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