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Adorable Elephant Family Road Trip Winning Hearts

elephants entering farm lands

We always hear the upsetting news. This has been true, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have heard nothing but bad news. However, an adorable new event is grabbing the attention of people all over the world. And this has to do something with an animal that we all love: Elephants.

When we are all separated from our friends and families, wholesome news is grabbing people’s attention. This news comes from China, where a group of fifteen wild elephants is traveling together across provinces.

They packed their trunks…

Officials are watching the elephants and tracking them throughout the journey. They’re putting efforts to make sure the safety of this family as well as residents. The fifteen consist of 6 adult females, 3 adult males, 3 juveniles, and 3 calves. One of the calves was born after the start of this family road trip.

elephants in city
China Daily

The government and local authorities are tracking this group of Asian wild elephants in China. The elephants reportedly have moved over 500 kilometers in China. They left their home in Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve in Yunnan province. These elephants are moving North from their home and towards the provincial capital.

This herd of the elephant has been on the move since last March. The authorities are worried that the herd might enter the Kunming district, where a large population resides. They are worried about the residents of the Kunming district and the impact the traveling family is causing on the farmlands.

They have not caused any harm to humans or animals they were passing by. But they have destroyed the crops of farmers on the way. This family of cute giants has reportedly destroyed over one million dollars worth of crops. They have run over crops, eaten sugarcane, and other harvested food.

Officials are trying to redirect the path that these elephants are taking. They have planted 2 metric tonnes of elephant food to change their direction. Elephant food is put on the southwest path to guide the elephants away from urban areas. 

Keeping Up With The Elephants Family

However, this migration of the cute giant family has won the hearts of the public. The surveillance footage of these cute giants has been released by China Daily. The released footage and photos show the tired family resting on farmlands. Their adorable huddle as they sleep is the wholesome news everyone needed to see. 

Elephants sleeping
China Daily

Footage of the elephants running through urban streets, playing in ponds and lakes, helping calves walking uphill is all over social media. The antics of this adorable family have now garnered a fan following online. The photos of the elephants have amassed 200 million views on Chinese social media platforms.

Nevertheless, experts are confused as to why these elephants are traveling. People are guessing that they are traveling for food or for water. Some believe they were simply lost. However, no particular reason seems valid to the experts. So the motivation of this journey still remains a mystery. 

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