4 YouTubers To Watch If You Love True Crime

4 YouTubers To Watch If You Love True Crime

True crime is one such genre where people examine and research actual people’s actual crimes and accounts. This genre usually includes stories about serial killers, murders, manslaughter, kidnapping, and many more.

True crime has gained a lot of traction among today’s generation. Made into movies, books, podcasts, TV series, and documentaries to let the audience know about real-life atrocities. However, one platform where it has flourished exponentially is YouTube.

YouTube contains billions of videos ranging from house films and vlogs to songs and informational videos. Many channels have their specialties, like how Jacksepticeye makes gaming videos, Logan Paul makes vlogs, and Antphrodite makes tarot card reading videos.

Similarly, there are a lot of channels that dedicate to true crime. Here are the four best proper crime channels on YouTube for you to binge-watch.

Crime and Makeup? Bailey Sarien 

Bailey Sarien is a makeup and true crime enthusiast. So she mixed up her interest and created a segment for her channel — Murder, Mystery & Makeup. Every Monday, she uploads a video where she recites an actual criminal case while doing her makeup. 

To date, she has over 4.9 million subscribers and  464 million views on her channel. In addition, Sarien has garnered a massive fanbase with her quirky ways of reciting cases while doing her makeup exceptionally. Recently, Sarien also launched her podcast, ‘Dark History,’ to discuss baffling true crime cases. 

True Crime StoryTeller, Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae talks about an array of subjects on her channel. From conspiracy theories to astrology, she does it all. Regardless, the most famous videos on her channel relate to true crime. 

The specialty in Rae’s channel is that she brings attention to less famous and immediate cases. She also provides a platform for the victim’s family to speak up and discuss the situation to get as much help. Rae also has various charities she donates to, like Thorn and Her Justice. 

Rae has amassed over 2.6 million subscribers and 391 million views on her channel. She also has a podcast with her husband named ‘Mile Higher Podcast’ where she goes in-depth about various issues, including true crime. 


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Mukbang and True Crime: Stephanie Soo

Stephanie Soo is another such YouTuber who mixes her love for food and true crime in her videos. She does mukbang or cooking videos where she also recites different cases. 

Soo has over 2.5 million subscribers and  499 million views to date. Along with her YouTube channel, Soo also has a podcast named Rotten Mango dedicated to true crimes. 


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Coffee and Crime Time With Stephanie Harlowe

Stephanie Harlowe is best known for the in-depth research she puts on every video. She has a series named Coffee and Crime Time, where she posts long videos explaining the crimes as simply as possible. 

Harlowe usually discusses the cases across multiple videos. Her fans and followers, but also massive production, appreciate her research. Recently, she got featured in Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.

Harlowe has over 513K subscribers and 80 million views on her YouTube channel


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