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Increase Your Productivity and Please the Boss

Your productivity at work can suffer as a result of you indulging in activities that can be distractive. This includes scrolling through your Facebook feed, online shopping, and so on. You should designate separate time to these activities before or after work.

My company has given us access to TDS Internet service, but some websites like Facebook, Instagram, and others are blocked. That happened when productivity went downhill and affected our business last year. Internet access from your company should not be abused. Instead, we should make an effort to increase our productivity at work. Here’s how…

Be Efficient

Do not restrict yourself to accomplishing the daily tasks the same way as always. Think of yourself as someone who can introduce a change in the company. If you believe that there is a better way to work. Or, if you have in mind any tools or software that can help the employees work with more efficiency, share it.

productivity at work
Be Efficient
Source: Vkool

You can make an effort by learning that tool or software yourself and teach your employees. Or you can request the higher management to arrange workshops for all the (or the related employees), so they can learn. The point is that don’t be a follower rather be a trendsetter. Learn to be efficient.

Reduce Distractions

The distraction does not always come in the form of social media or online shopping. At times, daydreaming can be a distraction too. Or you can also be an over-thinker who keeps thinking about an issue no matter how minor it is. However, whenever you are at work, make a conscious effort to eliminate all the thoughts and distractions. Because they can affect you and your productivity at work.

Productivity at work
Reduce Distractions
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Some of the many ways that can help you from getting distracted include:

  • Turning off the notifications on your mobile’s lock screen
  • Keeping yourself so busy at work that you do not get time to overthink
  • Whenever you get time, read about things related to your field online to increase your interest

Take Regular Breaks For Better Productivity

It is impossible for a NORMAL human being to work for 8-9 hours at a stretch. Your brain is not capable of storing a plethora of information. Therefore, you cannot have an information overload and expect your brain to absorb it all.

Productivity at Work
Take Regular Breaks
Source: MindYourWork

Taking mini-breaks after every 1-2 hours is essential for you and your brain. A break, however, does not imply that you do not return to your workstation for a good 30 minutes. A 5-minute breather is all you need after every 1 or 2 hours.

Self-imposed Deadlines Increases Your Productivity

If you think that you cannot perform well if not given a deadline, give yourself one. Even if your boss does not. This will help you to complete the tasks well in time. The deadlines will also act as a constant pressure that you won’t be able to deal with. And to get rid of the pressure, you will complete the tasks. See, this is how it works.

Self-imposed Deadlines
Self-imposed Deadlines

You need to start this practice because many times, the projects that teams get to work on are open-ended. It becomes difficult for team members to decide how much time they should assign to a task. However, if you already have the habit of assigning deadlines to yourself, then you will be able to do so in open-ended projects as well.

The Two Minute Rule

The two-minute rule implies that if there is a task that you can achieve in two minutes or less, you should not leave it for later. Do it immediately. Because there is no good in ending it for some time later.

The Two Minute Rule
The Two Minute Rule
Source: Medium

If you keep piling up tasks, they will act to your disadvantage. You will have a huge pile of tasks that you will have to finish in a limited time. Therefore, if you can, complete the little tasks as they come.

The ‘Commute’ Advantage

You should not think of the time that you spend on your commute as unimportant. You should put that time to good use as well. Utilize that time in planning what you want to tick off the to-do list at work that day. You can also use this time to answer emails and to create a plan of action for yourself. Just don’t waste it. Do not think of it as a time when you can play candy crush or Facebook.

I have always utilized my time efficiently and effectively. There was a time when I searched about everything other than work at my workplace from finding the Internet providers for my location of residence to checking my Facebook newsfeed. However, since the time my company placed restrictions on a couple of sites, my productivity has increased.

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