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Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Ever End?

Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Ever End?
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It has already been more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is a good time to review what few facts remain about this virus. Because countries are starting to loosen restrictions, particularly in the west yet the question remains, will the COVID-19 pandemic ever end?

First, hundreds of thousands are already covid-positive. Second, several more countries and continents have further confirmed as having mutated viruses. And the fatality and resistance of these viruses are still under research.

Third, the ongoing case fatality rate is unknown but is reported as high. Fourth, the CDC has issued warnings urging people to stay vigilant for signs. They may be suffering from symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Given these facts, the question is obvious: When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

The short answer to this question is when the fatality rate of those who are left untreated reaches zero. It has been reported that some countries have individuals and families who are still suffering from COVID-19.

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

As this disease progresses around the world, infectious individuals are becoming more mobile and crossing borders more frequently. Therefore, it can be assumed that as long as there are still uninfected individuals in a given area or continent, their chances of contracting the disease will remain.

The other factor contributing to the spread of this virus is the fact that a lot of people become asymptomatic. They enter crowded areas such as schools, churches, theaters, and shopping centers. Because COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease it spreads quickly and easily among those who are near one another.

The virus will continue to transmit from one person to another. As long as there are still infectious individuals within a given set of locations.

And you must be wondering, what about the vaccines?

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Though the vaccines help reduce fatality counts, it does not prevent the transmission of COVID-19. So if you are vaccinated, you will be less affected by the disease or will be asymptomatic. And this means that you might just be a carrier of the disease. And let’s say you meet someone who is not vaccinated. Then, the person you meet may catch the disease.

So as long as all the people in the world are vaccinated- we will have to stay vigilant. This is one of the main reasons why countries with vaccines are supplying and donating vaccines worldwide. They are trying to put an end to the suffering of COVID-19.

So the short answer is to get vaccines if possible and encourage vaccinations. Vaccinations are the hope of fewer casualties from COVID-19. And hopefully, it’s ending.

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