What is Guerilla Marketing? 10 Best Ideas For Guerilla Marketing

guerilla marketing

One of the first things you learn in management is to think outside the box. Guerilla marketing is one of the best examples to support this notion. It’s abstract by nature but easy to use if you’re creative enough. Not only is guerilla marketing the use of the simplest of ideas but also in a different way even in the digital platform.

The main purpose of guerilla marketing theory is to design something abstract to grab the attention of people. Moreover, it needs a lot of creativity to be captivating. However, the cost in guerilla marketing is generally very low which is why it is cool.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Jay Conrad Levinson coined the term and the idea, guerilla marketing in the 1980s. So, guerilla marketing is the use of unconventional ways to promote your product. Therefore, a marketer uses this method to create an emotional response in the people. However, the ultimate goal is to make people remember their product.

digital guerilla marketing
Discovery’s ad for shark week

There a many reasons why a company opts for guerilla marketing. Now, with digital media, guerilla marketing has taken a huge turn with numerous ideas and prospects. But the objectives might be different from company to company. For instance:

  • Generate a hype of their product and service.
  • Boost the brand image.
  • Interesting and fun for customers.
  • Remind your customers of the product, and
  • Engaging your customers with the brand with interesting ideas, visuals, and acts.

Different types of Guerilla marketing with examples:

There are many types of guerilla marketing. These guerilla ideas are used by companies to meet their marketing objectives.  However, the most common ones are:

Alternative marketing:

Alternative marketing advertisement

The idea of alternative guerilla marketing is to create brand awareness among people. It helps you find new people to interact with your brand rather than promoting just your products.

This is one of the most common types of guerilla marketing. Normally, big brands whose intent is to remind brand presence use this technique.

Ambient marketing:

Ambient Marketing

As the name suggests, it is the use of every possible environmental surface to promote your product. So, this kind of marketing can be seen from grounds, public washrooms to public chairs and buses.

Astroturfing marketing:

The main idea of astroturfing guerilla marketing is to create a fake hype around the product without letting anyone know its not real. Also, it’s doing brand awareness without making it very obvious. However, it has its own personal share of controversy on the topic. Because if the customers realize that it’s fake, it might actually backfire the marketing.

Stealth marketing:

Another crazy and controversial guerilla marketing idea is stealth marketing. Using this technique one will advertise its products to its customers without them realizing that it was marketed.

digital guerilla marketing
FedEx Stealth Marketing

For example, guerilla marketing could be in digital media where on youtube videos you can see certain brands without them being directly promoted to you.

Viral marketing:

This is one of the marketing approaches to create a buzz about a product in the market. The company pays brand endorsers at the beginning to promote the product and create a buzz. But subsequently, they expect a natural promotion of their products.

Street marketing:

Street marketing is another very common type of guerilla marketing. So, in this type, marketers use public spaces to market their products. But it is not only limited to that.

guerilla marketing ideas
Street Marketing Science world’s ad

For instance: Animations in billboards, art in taxis and cars, flash mobs are all examples of street marketing.

Grass root marketing:

This is one type of guerilla marketing where there is a focus on a group of customers. Companies do this marketing for niche markets.

digital guerilla marketing
Grass root marketing by Coke

Moreover, grass-root marketing at present relies heavily on the digital medium to gain virality. Thus, the marketers will try to build a story that people in their customer base can relate to.

10 Best Ideas For Guerilla Marketing:

Below are some of the best examples of guerilla marketing seen in the market. For instance:

Street arts:

Street ad by Mc Donalds

Sidewalk graffiti:

guerilla marketing ideas
Kenneth Cole sidewalk guerilla ad


3D arts:

digital guerilla marketing
Ambient Campaign guerilla ad


Denver water guerilla marketing


guerilla marketing ideas
guerilla marketing ideas in malls


guerilla marketing ideas and example for dustbins

Bus parks:

Bus stops ad


guerilla marketing ideas

Go big!:

New castle ads guerilla marketing


guerilla marketing ideas
Lift Guerilla marketing ad

Finally, there are a ton of ways you can use Guerilla marketing to interact with your customers. Furthermore, these marketing tricks can help you improve the brand awareness and positioning of your products.

Also, Guerilla Marketing is a very cost-effective strategy for many companies to reach customers as much as they can. Without a doubt, this style is definitely something very different from the traditional marketing what we have done.