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Ways On How Technology Can Help Domestic Abuse Survivors

Ways On How Technology Can Help Domestic Abuse Survivors

In today’s world, the technology field is coming out with new inventions as well as ideas for the human to live a simple life. All the tools and techniques that decrease human load is called technology. The technology range from simple stone tools to vast genetic engineering and information technology. As people are becoming more advanced, new inventions are taking place each day. Many scientific endeavors have enabled the technology to come up with scientific instruments as well.

It would not be wrong to say that technical history is directly connected to the history of science. In later years, technology started sharing a direct relation to the economic history of the world. Some country refers technology to be their primary factor which helps to drive the development of human civilization.

So, it is sure that technology directly involves the growth of human civilization. In the present world, there would be hardly one who doesn’t use technology. Let’s discuss the ways how technology has helped humankind and domestic abuse survivors.

1. Online Resources: Apps & Hotlines

Most of the population in the world have got mobile phones on their hands in the 21st century. Everyone can connect through easy access of mobile phones. When it comes to domestic survivors, they can build a case against abusers without taking any help of the attorney.

Technology provides apps and hotlines
Technology provides apps and hotlines
Image Source: Domestic Shelters

The availability of the internet has aided the domestic violence survivors to get legal information in plain language as well as legal resources.

2. Connect With Domestic Victims & Advocates

The technology has provided a platform for domestic violence victims to consult with the people who have already gone through those situations. There are online chat groups where anyone can share their experience and also can support other domestic victims.

There are already programs like After Silence and YesICAN, which provides a safe space for the victims to discuss their violence and sexual assault.

3. Availability of Evidence

As we all know, to claim any domestic violence cases, the victims always need evidence that is essential to report a case of abuse. The evidence could include photos, text, emails, or social media posts.

Technology helps us to collect evidence
Technology helps us to collect evidence
Image Source: Eric G. Johnson Law

We have seen a lot of cases at present where technology has helped the victims to prove themselves true in front of the judge of the court. So, if victims have some evidence of their abuse, it becomes easy to win the case.

4. Platform To Raise Voice

The social media users are increasing each day on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. At present, social media is taken as one of the greatest platforms to share your thoughts and experiences.

If something isn’t going well in society or your surroundings, you can easily raise your voice through your social media posts. On the social media platform, the most used hashtags for domestic violence are #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft.

5. Provides Motivation

As the latest types of technologies surround people, anyone can start their own business, even a domestic violence survivor. The supporting thing about technology is that even a physically disabled person can think of starting his/her own business.

Technology helps the domestic victims to grow their business
Technology helps the domestic victims to grow their business
Image Credit: Dr. Sarah Sarkis

Technology also motivates those who have not yet involved in any domestic violence. Moreover, there is a lot of information on the internet, which explains what to do in the conditions of domestic violence. Also, it makes people aware of taking intelligent steps while facing domestic violence.

6. Technology in the Law Making

On one side, many countries are having problems to solve domestic violence cases in their country. However, a few states have started to improve systems for filing a request. New York City is actively implementing a pilot program where victims can electronically file a petition without being present in the courthouse.

Well, more countries need to think on this topic of making their citizens more safe from domestic violence. Domestic violence is now stood up as one of the sensitive issues in the world, and every country and state must take some steps to solve it completely.


After discussing all this, people have to be more conscious of these domestic violence issues using technology. Technology has provided a big platform to the victims of any cases, providing them the access of helpful information. We must educate the victims about the use of technology in a proper way so that another victim doesn’t stand in the queue.

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