How Does Technology Affect Our Memory? Positive And Negative affect On Our Brain

How Does Technology Affect Our Memory? Positive And Negative affect On Our Brain

Challenging our brain to be more productive is one of the major ways to keep our memory sharp. Is technology affecting our memory? yes, even if we ask children some questions, without thinking for a moment, they will just take out there smartphone and tell you the exact answer with the reference of Google.

Research says that if you spend time in order to retrieve information from your memory, you will remember the fact for a longer period of time. Moreover, the very act of retrieving memory increases the synapses that connect one neuron to each other.

Growing up in this digital era means that we have to rely on devices in several ways. However, there is both a positive and negative aspect of using smart gadgets. Let’s know how technology alters our minds.

1. Technology and Memory

The technology has changed the way we use our brains. Although it has advantages and disadvantages, there is no such scientific research that tells the technology will reduce the inherent capacity of our brain to do multi-tasking. Nonetheless, with demanding technology needs, there is a negative clash, as an example poor quality sleep, stress, distractions, depression and alcohol consumption.

Advance Technology Affect Our Memory
Advance Technology, innerself

Many individuals may have memory issues and have ordinary forgetfulness. In addition, head injuries, strokes, seizures, brain infections like encephalitis, or congenital disorders like hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid in the brain, all can lead to a significant loss of our ability to retain and recall information.

Technology distracts us from having a special moment with our friends. Luring and surfing the web deteriorate our sleep quality too. So, if you want to enjoy time with friends, my advice is to enjoy the current moment without sticking to the gadget, talk about your work and enjoy a good night’s sleep afterward.

2. Shorter cycles of concentration and more Distraction

Before the development of smartphones such as iPhones, iPods, and other electronic devices, the average human being had the attention span of 12 seconds. Well, for now, it’s believed that we can focus for only 8 seconds before we move to something else. Further, it’s very hard to concentrate on a specific task with all the distractions.

More distraction more problem, Technology Affect Our Memory
More distraction more problem, Karehka Ramey

Something is always trending and our phone vibrates alerting us to see the message. The distraction caused by our smartphone highly affects our relationships, productivity, and ability to concentrate. Also, Getting continually inundated with technology affects our thought processing and capacity to be contemplative.

3. We Have Improved Our Ability to Multitask

The positive part of using technology is we feel satisfied inside on how we can do several things at once. At the same time, we communicate, watch videos from YouTube and simultaneously compose email replies. Well, it certainly sounds impressive to do multitasking. However, research shows that shifting from one task to another takes a certain amount of time.

Multitasking is Distracting, Technology Affect Our Memory
Multitasking is Distracting, Medical News Today

Multitasking only decreases brain capacity and makes retrieval of information more difficult for us.

4. Mobile Addiction

We can admit that we are becoming slaves of tech. Sometimes we feel guilty checking the tones of the message, Facebook and Instagram story instead of working. Furthermore, there is some excitement of fresh updates and messages, so some of us review social media sites numerous times each day and spend hours scrolling through these pages blissfully.

 Phone Addiction
Phone Addiction, lifealth

The worse thing is, some people are very addicted to video games. Matter of fact, some people undergo rehab and professional help to detox. In addition, technology addiction is simply due to gratification that stimulates the pineal gland of our brain.

5. We Are Becoming More Forgetful

Evidence has shown that millennials are more forgetful than seniors, which can be due to the continuous use of technology. We need to transfer this information from our working memory (conscious mind) to our long-term memory. So that we can remember something for an extended period of time, and that depends on our attention.

Older people forgetting more than younger people is a myth
Older people forgetting more than younger people is a myth, The conversation

However, thanks to technology, we are constantly taking new information in, with barely enough time to think about it and commit it to memory before anything else catches our attention. While technology has countless positive it also has some negative. The best way to have a balanced life and reduce some of the technology’s negative effects is by committing to putting our mobile devices aside for a few hours each day.

Meditation, yoga, and exercise can also enable us to focus on life at this moment. Putting down our phones for an hour and paying attention will improve the quality of life.


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