What is Manifestation? And How Does It Work?

Use These 7 Steps To Manifest Anything
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Pandemic and quarantine taught us many things. From cooking, learning TikTok dances, baking, reading to watching Netflix endlessly, we kinda went through a similar routine. Besides Netflix, the other term that we highly came across was “Manifestation”. Did you also storm into Google to know what it actually means? And by any chance, are you still unaware of what actually manifestation is? If yes, you have come to the right blog mate.

Manifestation is growing in popularity since 2017. From late March to mid-July, the Google searches for the term “manifestation” have skyrocketed by 669 percent. In addition to that, Google searches confirm that words like tarot reading, spiritual cleansing, and positive affirmations also started becoming popular. Keep reading to unveil the secrets of manifestation.

What actually is manifestation?

According to the Webster Dictionary, manifestation is defined as “one of the forms that something has when it appears or occurs.” More clearly manifestation coach Kelsey Aida defines manifestation as “To manifest something is to bring something forth into your physical life experience by using your thoughts, feelings, or belief,”.

What is Manifestation? And How Does It Work?
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Well, the concept may sound like an impossible concept. And it is totally fine to think that way. However, if we look into the history of manifestation. It is deeply rooted in human history and psychology.  In fact, you’ve probably done it yourself and you didn’t even realize.

The earliest text that discussed manifestation is the Kybalion. It is an ancient Egyptian text written by a sage named Hermes. In it, Hermes proposed seven sacred rules. Which still are the basis of modern manifestation tactics. Hermes said, “Everything in the entire universe, whether physical, intellectual, spiritual or emotional, is part of an all-encompassing divine creation,”. Hermes also added since the universe is constantly vibrating. And so are we, we can actually influence the world around us by changing our vibrations and altering our thoughts. The more we learn about manifestation, the more it gets interesting, can’t deny.

Does it work?

There are a couple of stories where manifestation has been proved to be right. Here I would like to connect one story. Jamie is a rigid believer in the power of manifestation.

Jamie has always thrived on helping people manifest their goals and desires. This is yet another story of a client that comes with its own challenges. “One of my most recent success stories was manifesting a client when I was working the least in my business,” she shared. She felt burnt out and dreaded work every day, trying to meet her monthly goals. Following her intuition, she decided to take a break and let her “energy do what [her] actions cannot”. Just before midnight hit on the evening of 28 February, as she was sleeping, she received an email from the one client she’s been looking for. “Moral of the story? Never give up prematurely, keep holding onto the energy of certainty and it will manifest one day,” she said.

The science behind manifestation

What is Manifestation? And How Does It Work?
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The question is, is manifestation actually magical or maybe just another form of the idea.  The idea is that if you want to make something happen you better visualize it, make a plan, and take the necessary steps. Maybe, it isn’t the manifestation working but you being attentive to your personal goals and actually thriving for it. However, manifestos have a different notion that argues, our individual selves are merely tiny fragments of a much larger global brain, collective unconscious, cosmic soup, God, or whatever you want to call it. By reconnecting to this global brain or energy and by aligning ourselves with its higher vibrations, we can actually change our individual selves and immediate surroundings.

Believe it or not, practicing a few manifestation rituals isn’t going to harm anyone. Hence give it a shot and if it actually works, you know whom to thank.

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