Top 5 Teen Shows That You Might Want To Binge Watch

Top 5 Teen Shows That You Might Want To Binge Watch
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We all know that our real life is not even an inch nearer to the dramatic teen shows. Well even after knowing that we can’t stop watching them. Research says that we are drawn more to shows that are far different from our own reality. Hence, it’s no wonder why we obsess over tv show’s dreamy and exciting life. Likewise, I have always been a fan of teenage tv shows. Because they are way more exciting than the reality of high school’s drudgery.

Interestingly, even adults love watching teen shows. Maybe because it distracts them from their real-life adult responsibilities. Hence, here I have come with my top five favorite teen shows that you might want to binge-watch.

Outer Banks

Top 5 Teen Shows That You Might Want To Binge Watch

What do you need more than mystery, romance, and cute guys in a show? The series’ biggest hook is uncertainty and mystery. A teenager tries to hunt a legendary treasure linked to his father’s disappearance. It gets more interesting when three of his best friends get involved too. Outer Banks may look neat, having a relatively straight line of clues but get ready to get shocked by the setbacks on the way.

The society


This series will leave you in complete blow from the first episode itself. It’s spooky when a group of teenagers returns back from their canceled trip to find their hometown completely empty. Will they find out what actually happened there or are they in some other dimension? Well, you will know the answers only if you watch.

Sex education


How can I forget to add Sex Education to the list? This series is the complete package of romance, humor, drama, and contains all your answer to sex queries. Otis’ mother is a sex therapist which he hates to admit. However, he comes up with the idea to be popular by counseling other kids with his sex knowledge. It gets even more interesting when he starts developing feelings for his partner.



Euphoria undoubtedly is the most intense and insanely directed teen series. No wonder why it has amazing Emmy records. Protagonist Rue comes across a complex web of people in her life. You won’t want to miss how she tackles people battling addictions, insecurities, and, well, lust. While she is actually is a drug addict too. What makes this series interesting is the variety of characters we get to witness.

One tree hill


Time to add this classic series to your list. One tree hill apprehends the feeling of youth, sibling rivalry, and high school basketball. Doesn’t it sound so wholesome? Premiered on September 23, 2003, this show had a large fan base. Embrace yourself while you watch this series because an amazing script and exciting character development are on the way.

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