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Top 10 Technology Trends That Might Surprise You In 2020

Since the introduction of the internet, technology has come a long way to help simplify human activities. Every year new technological and digital trend emerges to replace the previous trends. These amazing innovations have made life easier for us. Similarly, for the year 2020, there are new technology and digital trends that can surprise you.

The digital world is moving at a pace as never before. Machines are replacing human work. Not saying that there are no jobs left, but AI has transformed the job market. With this progress in technology, the manpower requirements have changed as well. In 2020, in order to find work employees have to be aware of and operate machinery. So, here are the top 10 technology and digital trends for 2020:

1. IoT Technological Trend:

With devices such as Amazon Echo and Fitbit, human beings and devices are more and more connected. Internet of things also known as IoT is one of the top 10 technology and digital trends for 2020. We can expect our home and offices to be connected to each other through our devices.

In the future, we might have the lights in our house turn on as we are about to reach back home. In the same way, the lights might turn off as we leave.

2. Massive Automation Technological Trend:

Although this might seem like a very common process, the level of automation will now drastically increase. People are looking for a way out of complex manufacturing processes. For this, they will opt for automation at a massive level. This is also one of the top 10 technology trends that you might see in 2020.

Human interference in the job is reducing every day. They are developing skills that will help them use such technologies rather than learning how to do the work themselves. This will be very high in 2020 due to the advancements made in the field of machine learning, AI and blockchain.

3. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence:

As mentioned above, the technology is changing in the manufacturing sector. Not only in the manufacturing sector but even in service or medical fields there is the immense importance of machine learning. Many companies such as Google, Amazon are continuously updating their technology trends and have certain goals for 2020.

4. 5G Technological Trend in 2020:

By now you probably have at least heard about the 5G technology competition. Not just companies, but even countries are competing whether which of them can first implement 5G. The best part about 5G as a customer is the speed.

You can literally download applications in seconds and movies in minutes. With the technology already in deployment, you will soon be able to use it. Many places even have 5G already available in their area.

5. Blockchain Technological Trend:

This is another top 10 technology trend for 2020 that will completely change the way we perceive technology. Most of us think of bitcoins when we hear about blockchain. We need to understand that blockchain is a technology used by bitcoin to run its applications. There are many other possible uses that can be made out of blockchain technology.

digital trends 2020
Blockchain Technology Trend for 2020

In 2020, we will be able to see many digital trends that will be developed with the help of blockchain. There are existing examples of companies that use blockchain. So, the commercial use that blockchain has provided to these companies might shift to private consumer usage.

6. 3D metal printing:

3D printing in itself is not a new technology. However, metal 3D printing is the technology trend that can reach its peak during 2020. 3D printing normally made usage of plastics which are not good for the health and the environment. But now people have made it possible to use metal to print their things. Soon people will be able to design and make any item that they would want to buy at the comfort of their home.

Another interesting part about 3D printing is the food printing. Restaurants are using this to design food items using machines. If this trend catches on, we might be able to see our food being printed instead of being made by chefs in the kitchen.

7. Quantum Computers Technological Trend:

technology trends 2020
Quantum Computers the top technology trend for 2020


You might know by now that IBM has already made a working quantum computer at their office. These computers can compute your tasks 1000 times faster than a normal computer. Quantum computer was probably the best possible the breakthrough of the past decade.

In the year 2020, we will be able to see numerous advancements in this particular technology. Scientists are still working on making this computer accessible to other people as well. So, hopefully, in 2020, we will get to see many other companies using this trend to speed up their process.

8. Human Augmentation:

If all of the other technologies don’t interest you, this surely will. Scientists have been trying continuously to improvise the human body to make it more efficient. Human augmentation is the process of enhancing human capacities by using technological tools and medicine.

These activities aim towards making the human brain and body more productive than it already is. There is definitely a group of people who think that this is not the best thing to do to a human body and that it is not natural. However, the advantages of using these are amazing.

9. AI-supported Technology Security in 2020:

With technologies such as IoT, the internet is becoming a very dangerous place. As we store more and more data on the internet, we are becoming vulnerable to external security threats. Cyberattacks are growing in volume and the importance of data is also extremely high.

But AI-enabled security tools are helping analysts stay ahead of threats. The traditional security isn’t able to provide security to the loopholes in internet computing. So, these AI programs can help us eliminate the risk of losing to these cyberattacks.

10. Edge Computing Technological Trend for 2020:

Edge computing refers to the process of placing computing as close to the source of the data as possible. With the option of 5G, we can enter introduce computing capacity at the grass-root level.

Edge computing is another very important technology trend that will change the way we process data in 2020. The analysis happens at the source rather than at the central database. This reduces the chances of latency in data transmission and also the cost that is involved in the transmission.