Top 10 Best Internet Marketing Forums Worldwide

It is always rewarding to be a part of internet community not only for business, but for creating new relationships.

A community does not only help in making money but also plays a great role in becoming your marketing coach.

Similarly, forum communities is a place for getting several different opinions and ideas on several subjects.

Only the best Internet marketing forums provides you a platform to engage with people, teach and learn from each other.

Believe it or not, it’s a way to get out from the same old internet stuff and learn something exciting.

So, are you ready to keep your usual chit chat aside, and learn something extremely essential for your business and life through some of the best Internet Marketing Forums?

If so, in this article, we bring you some of the best internet marketing forums that contains tons of information for you to expose yourself to thousands of potential customers.


People throw negative comments on this internet marketing forum claiming 75% of the content on this site destroying anyone’s website.

However, on the brighter side, you can actually find some really good information on this internet marketing forum.

BHW was founded with an objective to become the best SEO forum specially covering the Black Hat SEO part.

So, call it fortune or popularity, BHW is now one of the best free to join internet marketing forums.

From black hat SEO to White hat SEO, Affiliated Marketing to Social Media Optimization, this site has everything.

To post information in the BHW marketplace, you need to have a Jr VIP membership which can be purchased for $100.

However, there are certain criteria mention for you to be eligible to buy the membership card.

There are thousands of people making dollars each month using the BHW internet marking services.

Therefore, if you think you are eligible to meet the criteria of BHW internet marketing forum, don’t waste your time here.


Currently the most popular internet marketing forum, WarriorForum offers wide range of advertising options for products soon to be launched.

WarriorForum is the web property of freelancer Inc now and yet another free to join Internet marketing service.

Alike BHW, it is an affiliated marketing forum having a section called WAR room for the warriors (members).

It is a secret place of the forum and in order to get access to this area, you will have to subscribe WAR room membership.

Here, only WAR room members are allowed to make new posts that cost $20 each.

From link building strategies to affiliated marketing, it offers everything a marketer should know about working on the internet.


If you are looking into making money online, WickedFire is the one for you. It’s like the younger brother of WarriorForum.

With the total members of over 70k, it offers numerous threads talking about affiliated marketing.

It is one of the best internet marketing forums, where affiliated marketers are found in huge quantity buzzing about affiliated marketing.

Apart from affiliated marketing, people talk about other important topics like: SEO, blogging, web design, and Pay-per-click.

It’s a great internet marketing forum for people to learn about online marketing and earn some money through it.


It has been around four years of its establishment and V7N still manages to be on the list of best internet marketing forums.

It is a great online platform for people who participate on the community forums on a daily basis.

Covering some of the emerging topics on the internet like SEO, marketing, blogging, graphic design and many others, V7N manages to be everyone’s favorite.

V7N shows a great potential to be one of the top internet marketing forums for marketing enthusiast.

You should definitely try this one out if you are facing any sort of issues or confusion about internet marketing.


DigitalPoint is another one of the oldest and best internet marketing forum loved by everyone.

It’s a strict digital marketing forum covering a wide range of topics and maintaining good reputation.

From design, development to affiliated marketing, this internet marketing forum has everything you want.

This forum was successful in adopting swift changing environment of marketing planet therefore, becoming successful.

But, due to its heavy advertisement in the past, it might not be appealing to everyone.

However, if you still want to join DigitalPoint, you can buy services from their marketplace which is usually reliable for pure spamming.


Founded in 2006 by one of the best PPC artist Mark Ling, Affilorama is one of the best internet marketing forums right now.

This online platform includes every marketing information a marketer or affiliate marketer requires.

It’s a program that specializes in affiliated marketing training and discussion boards for aspiring affiliated marketers.

Apart from that, this forum also includes lots of reputable information and tips regarding SEO and PPC.

Hence, if you are serious about marketing, Affilorama is best for you to sharpen your skills in affiliated marketing.

SEO Chat Forum

SEO chat is a forum dedicated to helping beginner level SEOs to grow their knowledge on search engine optimization.

Although it specializes for SEO, it has threads for PPC and social media marketing as well.

It also offers a wonderful tool for SEO analysis that works as an audit tool like many found on the websites.

This forum offers basic insight on the guidelines you need to follow as a webmaster. Hence, it is a must have tool for a beginner.

Additionally, the friendly forum crew members will never let you feel that you’re the alone newbie there.


STM is one of the best internet marketing forums focused on affiliated marketing. Many people do not prefer this forum is not free

The membership of STM forum cost $99 per month. However, this membership fees ensure that this is very profitable place to earn and learn from the internet.

This forum contains some of the premium content for you to check out and start making money from an SEO agency business.

Even Charles Ngo- one of the leaders of affiliated marketing has given good reviews about this internet marketing forum.

So, there is not much to think about. Don’t think much about small amount of money and get the membership card as soon as possible.

Believe it or not, this small investment will give you huge return someday.

High Ranking

High Ranking is the most active and one of the best internet marketing forum right now.

The major focus point of this forum is SEO tips and techniques including link building, and search engine marketing.

It also has one of the amazing SEM/SEO resources that you would hardly find in other SEO forums.

The overall design of the forum and the friendly crew members will definitely make you journey better.

Not to mention, this forum has the meat that should entice the smartest foxes of SEO.

Hence, it is a must visit site if you want to learn more about internet marketing or anything related to search engine optimization.

UK Business Forum

UK business forum has a tight-knit community that stands by meaningful communication.

This is the reason why this forum has been one of the best internet marketing forums for marketers.

The best part of this forum is that they don’t play well with spam so you will hardly find any spammy threads.

Here, you will get lots of tips about local search engine marketing, sales as well as marketing tips.

Even if you aren’t a UK resident, this forum will give you lots of useful insights for your business.

Therefore, you can definitely trust this internet marketing forum to gather information about SEO and related topics.