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The Most Expensive Dog Breeds Of All Time

The Most Expensive Dog Breeds Of All Time

Dogs are the only animal who reciprocate the same love and affection to humans. Dog owners say that the relationship they have with their dogs is very rare to find. So rare that the bond cannot be compared to another human as well. It listens to your uncountable rants and looks at you with eyes full of trust. In a nutshell, it can change your bad day to a good one. After all, we all need a companion who listens and understands us without judging.

It’s not surprising that such creatures could cost as much as a fancy racing bike. Despite its price every dog is special, loyal, trustworthy, and a true companion. Here is the list of the most expensive breeds of all time,

Samoyed Dog

If you are up for spoiling and giving all attention to your dog. Then, Samoyed is the one. But you better mind it’s cost as well. Because they cost up to $14000. This white furry dog loves to roam around. Furthermore, they are social, mischievous, and more importantly charming in nature. They are very rare which justifies their price.

The Most Expensive Dog Breeds Of All Time
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Chow Chow

Chow Chow is the oldest breed on earth. They originated from China.  Moreover, their look is very appealing as they portray the look of both brawny lion and cute teddy bear. They can cost up to $11,000. Furthermore, they need very high maintenance. These breeds are not considered the active ones since they are lazy and stubborn. However, they are very rare.

The Most Expensive Dog Breeds Of All Time


Coming from West Africa they are the newest breed. They were introduced only in 2019. However, they are very costly, costing about $9,500. They are strong and recover very fast from injuries. Therefore, they are used as hunting dogs. They are very active and need daily-basis exercise and runs. Interestingly, this breed works out only in the presence of its owner.



This breed is also known as “The Monster”. However, they are very obedient and loyal to their owners. They are a common breed but can cost up to $9,000. These dogs are medium-large in size weighing about 50-60 kg. Rottweiler is used as a working dog in German to transport groceries.

Canadian-Eskimo Dog

One of my favorites from the list is Canadian-Eskimo Dog. Sadly, they are the rarest breed, remaining less than 300 in the world. These dogs require extra care as they can’t easily adapt to hot temperatures. Moreover, they get annoyed over slight changes or disturbances. They can cost around $8,700.

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