Tassilo Festetics: Everything About Leila Janah’s Widower

For those who have already heard the death news of Leila Janah are becoming curious to know about her husband, Tassilo Festetics who is now a widower of the CEO and Founder of Samasource, Leila Janah. If we go to check Leila’s Instagram, her second last picture is with her husband who had always been supportive of Leila. What could be going in the mind of Tassilo after facing the truth of his wife’s death?

Going deep into Leila’s Instagram account, we can see her spending quality time with Tassilo and their daughter. However, she is now way too far from her family and fans. Many of Leila’s well-wishers are wondering if Tassilo will marry for the second time. What is currently going on in his family? To know in detail about Tassilo, stay tuned with us.

Early Life & Career of Tassilo Festetics

The information about Tassilo’s childhood and parents are not available in the media. He always has been a private person. In fact, he has also kept his Instagram profile private. That’s what makes us unable to provide his personal life information.

The famous star, Tassilo holds an American nationality and lives in the United States. His ethnic group is reported to be white. Talking about his career achievements, he is currently active as the vice president of global solutions at Anheuser Busch. He oversees the brewer’s global technology and back-office operations. Except for this, he has not talked anything about his life in the media.

Widower of Leila Janah

Tassilo Festetics lived in a long term relationship with Leila Janah before tieing a wedding knot. His late-wife, Leila was an entrepreneur and worked as a CEO and Founder of Samasource, a machine learning training data company. Until her death, she put her time for fulfilling her goal of ending global poverty.

In her lifetime, Leila found three distinct organizations that provided different skills training and jobs to those countries who were on the list of poverty. Not only this but she developed such platforms which made people easy to do home-based jobs like freelancing which also enables anyone to learn computer basic skills.

Tassilo always supported Leila to achieve her goals and also stood with her till her last breath. Going through Leila’s Instagram account, she had posted so many pictures with Tassilo that reflects their strong bond and smooth relationship. Also, she has shared memorable photos with her daughter.

Let’s look at some pictures that Leila uploaded on her Instagram with Tassilo

  • Leila kissing Tassilo during the Christmas holidays
Leila Janah with Tassilo Festetics in 2018
Leila Janah with Tassilo Festetics in 2018
Image Source: Leila’s Instagram
  • Leila clicked a picture with Tassilo in a car
Leila Janah and Tassilo Festetics
Leila Janah and Tassilo Festetics
Image Source: Leila’s Instagram
  • Leila Janah with Tossilo in Massai Mara National Reserve Kenya
The couple spending a quality time
Tassilo with Leila, Image Source: Leila’s Instagram
  • Leila with Tassilo while enjoying ski in Utah
While spending a quality time in Utah
Leila and Tassilo while spending quality time in Utah
Image Source: Leila’s Instagram
  • Leila shared the last picture with her widower husband, Tassilo on 19th November 2019
Leila Janah in her last days with Tassilo
Leila Janah in her last days with Tassilo
Image Source: Leila’s Instagram

How did Leila Janah Die?

Tassilo Festetics was spending a happy life with Leila and their daughter. She first got diagnosed with Epithelioid Sarcoma at the time when she was planning for her wedding. She never kept the news secret and announced the world in April 2019 saying:

I recently learned I have a rare but treatable form of cancer: epithelioid sarcoma. I decided to share it publicly because I have learned, in the course of building Samasource and LXMI, that the consistent support of friends and community is a powerful tool in the face of many seemingly impossible obstacles.

The lady with a great heart left the world recently on 24th January 2020, at the age of 37. May her soul rest in peace.

How much Net Worth does he have?

The famous star, Tassilo Festetics has not talked anything about his net worth. After the death of his wife, he might have to handle all the things that Leila left behind. This year, Leila’s company, Samasource is on track of pulling $15 Million in revenue.

Watch the drone shot from Leila’s little forest.


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