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The Story of Sajitha- A Girl Found After 11 Years of Disappearance

The Story of Sajitha- A Girl Found After 11 Years of Disappearance
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How far would you go to hide your love life from your family? A guy from India had been hiding his girlfriend in his room for more than a DECADE. Since he lived with his parents, I don’t understand how they managed to hide their relationship for so long. But, well they did. This is the story of Sajitha and Rehman from Ayalur village in Palakkad, India. And, you might be wondering, did the girl’s parents never notice their daughter’s disappearance? Yes, they did. And they even filed missing persons report eleven years ago. And, if not for some recent developments in the case, they would never have known what happened to their daughter.

So Where was she all these years?

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Sajitha went missing in 2010. Her family had filed a missing person report, but the investigation had yielded no results. So, they just assumed she ran away with someone. According to the police, Sajitha left her home to live with her lover, Rehman.

Because Rehman couldn’t afford to rent a property, the couple chose to stay in his house in order to avoid being caught. They started living in a small room together. Rehman’s parents, sister, and nephew were among the other four individuals in the residence. If someone approached or attempted to enter Rehman’s room, he would become enraged. Others in the house gradually began to shun Rehman and his room. He will frequently skip work, bring food inside, and spend most of his time in his room.

Sajitha couldn’t leave the room when others were home. She would go out through the window at night or while his parents were gone. She’d take a bath and then sit outside for a while. This game of hide-and-seek lasted more than a decade. The couple was also confined to this little room due to financial concerns. When Rehman went to work, he would pack his lunch at home. He would, however, keep the food packet inside for Sajitha before leaving the premises. She could go unnoticed throughout the day because most of the other members of the family went to work.

How was Sajitha found after all these years?

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Rehman’s family had been looking for a marriage for him recently, and while he didn’t say no, his brother admitted that he completely avoided the topic. As they were continued pestering him for marriage, Rehman ran away from his home in March 2021, prompting his family to file a police report. On June 7, as the police investigation was ongoing, Rehman was sighted by his brother at a police roadblock set up as part of a Covid-related lockdown.

Rehman was taken to the police station for further investigation, according to his brother. During the investigation, Rehman disclosed that he was sharing a rented property with Sajitha. The pair revealed this astonishing story after extensive inquiry concerning Sajitha’s disappearance 11 years ago.

And, they revealed to the cops that all this happened because they were sure their parents wouldn’t allow them to get married. And after all these years Sajitha who was 18 when she left home, was found living just 500 meters away from her home with boyfriend Alinchuvattil Rehman.

The couple appeared in court, and Sajitha was permitted to live with Rehman.

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