Sad Movies that Men are Allowed to Cry At

Crying Men are not supposed to be classy and fit for masculine trait in our society.

Traditionally, men are rigid, calm, and level-headedness which has been taught to them since they were born.

This is the reason why men suppress their emotions and show more of emotions of anger.

But in the 21st century, we know plenty of things that can drive men to cry.

Lately, the most modern art form of film has been holding great power when it comes to making men cry.

So, let’s go through some of the sad movies that men are allowed to cry at:



Sad Movies that Men are Allowed to Cry At

Rudy is a movie that revolves around sports. There’s no doubt that men love sports so they are very likely to cry in this movie.

This is a real life based story of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger who happens to be an impassionated Notre Dame fan.

He dreams of greatness on the filed despite being both academically and athletically ungifted.

Rudy is a guy having no shortage of obstacles from being humiliated by ex to being doubted by his family.

But, no matter what he persists towards his dream until he reached it.

No matter what gender you are, there is nothing that seems to rouse your spirit and get the heart melted.

The blissful ending of this movie is likely to cause men cry and overflow with emotions.

The understated moment of the football team willing to sacrifice their places to let Rudy play, packs the heaviest emotion.


Saving Private Ryan

Sad Movies that Men are Allowed to Cry At

War has been almost an entirely masculine endeavor. So, any decent movie about war is prone to be a tearjerker for men.

Saving Private Ryan is a movie that tells the tale of a group of soldiers. The soldiers who are tasked by higher command to go on a search mission.

They are to go through Nazi-occupied France to find a single soldier and bring him home.

This is a movie praised for being one of the most realistic war film ever made in the history.

One of the greatest movement in this movie that will make men cry is an elderly Private Ryan visiting the Normandy grave of the leader of his group.

He tearfully asks his wife if the life he has led is worthy of the sacrifice for those men who made him to come home.


It’s A wonderful Life (1946)

Sad Movies that Men are Allowed to Cry At

At one point of life everyone in their adulthood have to reach a breaking point where they feel terrible and relief is nowhere in sight.

It’s a wonderful life is a movie of George, a businessman and a beloved citizen in his hometown of Bedford Falls.

Having a wealth friends and family who loves him he seem to enjoy his life pretty well.

Until his uncle misplaces a large sum of money that threatens his livelihood to the point that he suicide.

To show him his way, God sends an angel to George to shown him his importance and by giving him glimpse of what the world would be like if he had never born.

The big crying moment for men is George realizing that he does lead a blessed life no matter how bad things can get.


Good Will Hunting

Sad Movies that Men are Allowed to Cry At

This movie is a story about Will Hunting who appears to everyone as an average guy from South Boston.

He works day to day to earn a good wage like so many other men but isn’t just any man.

Will happens to be a mathematical genius. When he is getting arrested, the professor makes a deal with the judge to put Will under his supervision.

The soul of the film which makes men cry is the sense’s when Sean breaks through and Will begins to accept that his horrible childhood was not his fault.



Sad Movies that Men are Allowed to Cry At

Up tells a love story of an adorable couple- the character of Carl tugs at the heartstrings as he first missed his deceased wife Elli.

Eventually he finds some happiness again through a boy scout who helps him on his journey to sky.

The real tearjerker moment that can make men cry is in the flashback montage where the viewers can see Carl’s relationship with Ellie from the moment of their relationship till she passed away.

This is one of the touching movies that Disney has made that adults can enjoy as well and definitely will make men cry.


Old Yeller

There is something about sad things happening to animals in this movie that brings even the toughest men to cry instantly.

Old Yeller is basically the quintessential sad animal movie. It tells the story of a young boy and his dog, who become quick friends.

Yeller helps in saving his young owner not once, but twice from wild animals, but in doing so, contracts rabies.

The boy puts down his pet due to rabies and has to shoot his pet in the head with a shotgun due to pressure.

Jim cries the entire time, making everyone else cry and it’s a big emotional mess for men to cry.


Dead Poet Society

This movie revolves around Keating’s speeches and lectures, but at the end of the day, the story-line makes everyone cry including the men.

Neil Perry, the character of this movie has ups and downs throughout the movie.

Yet, the character is defined by his need to get his father’s approval. When it seems to not work well, Perry takes matters into his own hands.

Later, due to various circumstances he happens to commit suicide. The scene where he suicides affects the most cold hearted men to cry out loud.



Another spots movie with emotional story lines that will definitely make men cry is Hardball.

It is a story of a boy named Reeves who id forced to coach a boy’s baseball team in order to repay some gambling debts.

At the end of the story, he connects with the children and does everything from taking them to real pro baseball game to buying them new jerseys.

When everything seems to work well, a boy named G Bay gets hit by a stray bullet while handing out in the projects where he lives.

At last G bay dies and makes everyone filled in an emotional roller coaster even for the men who doesn’t seem crying.