4 Things You Should Never Say To Your Man Friends

4 Things You Should Never Say To Your Man Friends

When we hear the word “patriarchy”, we think about men’s power over women. Patriarchy is said to be a toxic mentality set to disfavor women. This statement is somewhat correct. However, what goes unacknowledged is that it has a toxic upshot to men as well.

Patriarchy has pre-set its own ideology on what men should be like or how they should behave. Moreover, it expects them to fit into those pre-set rules. They are forced to fit in the shoes of the conventional ideology of society. Men have emotions too and they too want to live their life without being judged on pre-conceived thoughts.

Hence there are few things you should never say to your male friends based on the stereotypes our society holds,

Men Don’t Cry

This is the most common phrase they get to hear. What makes us human special is our ability to perceive things emotionally. Let your male friends know that it’s okay to be emotional. And it is okay to vent out once in a while when they are at their lowest. They have every right to be sentimental and act accordingly. Some pre-conceived thoughts shouldn’t bound any human to feel emotional. Because feeling sentimental, vulnerable, and insecure is not a sign of weakness. But a basic human trait.

4 things you shouldn't say to your man friends

Men shouldn’t depend on anyone

Our society expects them to be strong, brave, and self-dependent. While the fact is it’s okay to ask for help and rely on your friend or your significant other. After all, the whole concept of humans being social is because we need each other. Hence ladies, encourage your male friends to break all those pre-conditioned beliefs. And tell them it’s okay to depend on someone else.

Men should pursue masculine jobs

Never tell your friends that their job is not masculine enough or doesn’t match their gender. Choosing their favorite hobby, interest, or jobs totally falls under their interest. And we have no right to find fault with their interests by shoving our gender stereotypes. No dream and no job can be based on gender.


Pink doesn’t suit you

Again, this is another funny and irrelevant notion. This notion is popular because pink is not a masculine color. Just like, no humans should be bounded to feel emotional and choose their career. Likewise, we can’t tell our male friends what color to wear and whatnot. Affronting someone based on what color they choose is another toxic mentality. Colors don’t come according to gender. Whatsoever the color is, what matters the most is the little charm and confidence the human wears.

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