Putting Women First: The Power of Possibility

putting women first
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Women are claimed to be the one who breaks easily and are not liable to yield, since the day born.

People have always been treating women as curse the day she was born. But, today you might think that it has changed a lot.

You see many big leaders and politicians leading the world being a female. You see them conquering the world. But is it exactly what we see?

These days words like women empowerment, putting women first, girl boss, women’s activation, independence has become so acquaint.

You can hear these words everywhere you go. Using these sort of words in the name of giving chance and putting women first is thought to be great. But it actually is a misconception.

The whole idea of female needing to be “empowered” in the first place is problematic.

This is like signifying female as a weak character and one not able to do anything at their own.

Putting women first into a specific category because of their gender does not neglect the fact that female only hold fewer than 5% of CRO positions at Fortune 500 companies.

Instead of talking about equal opportunities and gender rights, everyone should address the reason why women are an exception in the first place.


 Marilyn Monroe says, “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambitions.”

Women are the significance of courage. They originated, founded, governed, prophesized, and fought for their rights.

Our ignorance of female is greatly compounded by the omission of information on societies which accorded females power in public life, diplomacy, religion, medicine, the arts as well as family structure and inheritance.

The book called Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, by Francesea Cavallo and Elena Favilli has 100 of handful stories about some brilliant women in the history for the kids.

They launched their crowdfunding campaign raising more than 1 million with the book becoming the most highly funded book.

Our childhood is filled with story books where male are always stronger and more powerful than female.

Because of these sort of storybook, children are having mindset that men are always stronger and always right. By writing stories about strong women, Francesea and Elena are trying to show the kids how powerful female actually are and what changes they can bring to the world.

This will give them a concept that female don’t need their gender to qualify their success any more.

Women are strong enough to fight for themselves and put themselves in first place, if they deserve anything.

No any person needs to show pity and give them a chance just because she is a women.