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Knock Down the House: Women In Politics

Knock Down the House: Women In Politics

I’ve recently become more interested in politics. To be more precise, I became enamored with women who were courageous in their political choices. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, though, was the one to attract my attention the most and spark my attention towards women in politics. 

As I dug more, I came across her documentary ‘Knock Down the House,’ which left me speechless. And today I’m here to share what I’ve learned.

Exploring Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Journey

Image Credits: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/Twitter

According to the documentary, Alexandria is a visionary woman. She is a hero for the left side of politics because she has posed a serious threat to the current structure. It made her focused on organizing movements and mending the country’s situation rather than on elections. She is speaking on behalf of all young people and confronting issues and policies that affect them. This may be an excellent example of why young women are important in politics.

Young people can come up with creative, novel, and unique ideas that can benefit society or the country. They may devote more time and effort to establishing a suitable atmosphere for humans to settle in. Young individuals might work hard to unearth the authoritarian principles that their elders have ingrained in them.

Alexandria, likewise, spearheaded different development projects and fought for youth concerns, believing that young people are the leaders that every state needs. As a result, a correct mix of youthful talent and passion, as well as experienced candidates, may lead to teetotal politics, which aids in the public faith and evaluation of their state’s political structure.

Why are Women in Politics So Crucial?

The Tide

Given that women account for half of the population, it is reasonable to assume that they have a say in the activities performed or planned for the state’s growth. However, women are not taken seriously, and such political priorities are taken away from them. This is how things go downhill. Despite being citizens of the state, they have limited political potential. We require women in politics to represent a group of people that want to be acknowledged and have their issues addressed.

Women in urban areas, for example, have places and various opportunities to speak for themselves, but women in rural territories find it difficult to identify what they are suffering with. They’d need someone else from their party to speak in their favor.

I consider myself fortunate to have seen such an incredible documentary on women in politics. Rather than complaining about how horrible things are in the nation, I believe women can make significant sacrifices. They may join such minorities and strive for a better society, just like the women in this documentary did. 

Women’s political engagement promotes equality and affects a variety of policy concerns. In conclusion, women in politics are critical to the development of inclusive and transparent democracies.

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