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Makeup Facts And Myths? 10 Weird Beauty Tips

makeup facts and myths

As a woman, there are so many tips and beauty hacks you hear every day. Not every makeup tip that you hear needs to be a fact; it might be just a myth. On the other hand, these makeup facts from history and tips could as well be useful for you.

People have tried and tested these beauty tips to conclude if they are facts. Some of these are not facts but makeup myths that you shouldn’t believe in. So, be informed about these hacks and know if you should use them or not. You might end up regretting not being aware of the consequences.

Myth 1. You can use ice to depuff your skin before makeup:

Answer: To some extent.

Yes, there is enough evidence to believe that using ice on your skin can help your skin calm down. There have been so many celebrities who either dunk their faces in ice water baths or roll an ice cube on their face.

Makeup facts and myths: Use ice to depuff your skin

But this makeup fact works and has been used by many as a beauty hack in history. Using ice on your skin before you apply your make up helps your skin calm down.

Ice will soothe any kind of inflammation that your skin has and also increases blood circulation on your skin. This leaves your skin smooth and ready for makeup.

Myth 2. Essential oils are not suitable for your skin:

Answer: Incorrect, but make sure to take a skin patch test before using them.

With the rise in the use of essential oils by the customers, some competition product brands have come up with statements saying its not good. This couldn’t be far from the truth.

history Makeup Facts And Myths
Makeup fact Essential oils are food for your skin

Yes, you should be careful about the consistency of the essential oils because they are incredibly concentrated. You need to choose one that someone has already diluted or dilute it yourself by mixing it with something.

But if properly administered, essential oils can be perfect for your skin. The natural extracts can help you rejuvenate your skin.

Myth 3. Vaseline makes your eyelashes grow thicker and faster:

Answer: Incorrect.

Perhaps you have heard from many YouTubers lately that applying vaseline on your eyelashes can make them longer, but this is not true. This historically believed beauty myth might not be true, but the fact is that it helps you get healthier lashes.

history Makeup Facts And Myths
The beauty myth: Vaseline makes your eyelashes grow

This is one way to moisturize your lashes and make them healthier. But make sure you consult your doctor before you decide to use it if you have any skin conditions.

Makeup Myth 4. Makeup can cause breakouts:

Answer: Not exactly correct.

If you are a woman, you have probably heard this myth many times. But it turns out that it’s not true. Even research says that it is not necessary that makeup products will cause breakouts.

Makeup facts and myths
Makeup facts and myths: Makeup causes breakouts

However, you need to be careful about the product you are putting on your skin. Make sure that these products are oil-free and will not clog pores.

If you follow proper instructions and maintain proper hygiene, there is a high chance makeup alone will not harm your skin. You can try natural remedies to get rid of those oily skin. 

Makeup Myth and Fact 5. Braiding your hair makes it longer:

Answer: Nope, but it can protect your hair from damage.

This has been a beauty/makeup myth for so long in history, but it turns out it’s not true to be a fact. Braiding your hair in plates can protect your hair from breakage while sleeping. But it doesn’t cause your hair to grow.

Myth: Braiding makes your hair grow

If your plates are too tight, it might affect your hair follicles.  How fast your hair grows is mainly dependent on genes as well as your diet.

Myth 6. You should wash your hair with cold water:

Answer: Partially true!

This beauty/makeup myth has been considered a fact for a long time now. People ask you to use cold water while washing your hair, and it’s true to quite an extent. But it is better to use lukewarm water than cold water for washing your hair. This is because using warm water can help you clean your hair better.

Makeup Facts And Myths
Makeup myth: you should wash your hair in cold water

Furthermore, if you want shiny and less frizzy hair, you can give a last rinse to your hair with cold water.

Myth 7. Waxing regularly makes your body hair lighter:

Answer: True!

This is a painful fact. The beauty/makeup myth says that if you wax your body hair regularly, the truth is that your hair will grow back thinner.

Makeup myth and fact: Waxing reduces hair growth

Although it is easier to shave your hair rather than wax it, it surely pays off the hard work. Waxing your hair pulls your hair out from the roots; as a result, it will take a longer time to grow back. Additionally, the new hair will be finer and thinner.

Myth and fact 8. You shouldn’t wash your hair every day:

Answer: True!

history Makeup Facts And Myths
Makeup Facts And Myths: Don’t wash your hair every day

Washing your hair too much will rid your skin off the necessary oil that your scalp produces. It is undoubtedly vital to wash your hair and keep it clean, but washing it too often can damage it.

So, try washing it off at least every other day.

Makeup Myth and fact 9. You should not pop your pimples:

Answer: Very true!

If you don’t already know by now, popping your pimples have a terrible effect on your skin. There are high chances of infection and can lead to dangerous skin conditions. There are various tools designed to pop your pimples, but it’s better if you do not use them.

Makeup Facts And Myths: You shouldn’t pop your pimples

This is an essential makeup myth that is supported by facts and research, so don’t believe whatever you have heard in history.

Makeup Myth and Fact 10. Use red lipstick as a concealer primer:

Answer: True! If you know what you are doing.

Makeup facts: Using red lipstick as a concealer primer

Mainly if you have a very dark eye circle, this can be a life-changing weird beauty myth. This works by helping to cancel the color tone of your dark eye, which concealer cannot do alone.

If you kn0w what you are doing, this could give you better coverage compared to concealers alone.