Lynette Howell Taylor, Find Out About The Oscar Nominated Producer

lynette Howell Taylor
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Before producing movies like A star is born, Howell Taylor did on stage productions for East of Doheny. Lynette Howell Taylor started to produce movies since 2006. Half Nielson was her first independent movie. Lynette Howell Taylor lives in Pacific Palisades with her husband Grahan Taylor and their 3 young children.

lynette Howell Taylor
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To date, the British producer has produced more than 20 movies. However, her best accomplishment was the movie, A star is born. The movie starred Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. A star is born is the first movie where Bradley Cooper played a directional role as well. Producer Lynette Howell Taylor also produced the Oscars show for 2020.

Lynette’s Personal life:

Lynette Howell was born in Liverpool England in the year 1979 May 18. She graduated from Liverpool Institute of Performing arts which helped her build a career in movies. However, she first started her career in theatre movie production. Taylor worked in London theatre until she was 22.

Lynette Howell Taylor never really thought of going abroad and working on movies. She hadn’t imagined that one day she could end up producing in Los Angeles. However, she later said, “It wasn’t until I got to Los Angeles that I realized there was a film industry that maybe I could be a part of,”.

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She was offered to work in LA by Louis Gonda and Kelly who were the investors of Grey Gardens(2006). It was a musical version of Grey Gardens, a 1975 movie.

Lynette Howell Taylor’s Professional career:

Her career in Hollywood started when she gathered some finance and produced a short movie. Taylor had a ton of connection during her theatre production which was a huge help later on. It was easier for her to find people willing to invest in movies. So, she spent a large amount of time finding a good script.

lynette Howell Taylor
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She once said, “I spent six months looking for scripts to finance and produce,”. She added, “I found the script to Half Nelson, brought my investor to the table and I learned how to produce [a feature] by just doing it.”

Her first movie Half Nelson was starred by Rayn Gosling. The movie ended up with an Oscar nomination for Ryan Gosling on the category of best actor. This obviously was a huge achievement for Lynette Howell Taylor.

Her career moved forward very naturally as she started receiving offers for good movies. She got a chance to explore and meet a lot of new people.


Earlier this year, Lynette Howell Taylor and Stephanie Allain produced the Oscars for 2020. The 92nd Oscar ceremony was held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. When asked about this opportunity they said:

“We have both watched the Oscars for as long as we can remember, and to be given the opportunity to produce the show is a dream,” said Howell Taylor and Allain. “It’s an honour and a thrill to join forces to deliver an entertaining show that celebrates the artistry of this year’s best films.”

One of her latest work is with Mark Ruffalo Starring ‘I Know This Much is True’. So, the series is co-produced by Taylor and will start airing on HBO May 10, 2020.

The list of movies produced and co-produced by Lynette Howell Taylor are:

  1. Half Nelson(2006)
  2. Blue Valentine(2010)
  3. A Star is born(2018)
  4. Captain Fantastic(2016)
  5. The Place Beyond the Pines(2012)
  6. Big eyes (2014)
  7. Unicorn Store(2017)
  8. On the Ice(2011)
  9. Mississipi Grind(2015)
  10. 28 Hotel Rooms(2012)
  11. Stephanie Daley(2006)
  12. Phoebe in Wonderland(2008)
  13. Shark Night(2011)
  14. Wander Darkly(2020)
  15. An invisible sing (2010)
  16. Alex of Venice(2014)
  17. Levitated Mass(2013)
  18. Terri (2011)
  19. Greatest(2009)
  20. Kristy(2014)
  21. The white picket fence project(2012)
  22. Silence House (2011)
  23. 6 Balloons (2018)
  24. The space between (2010)

Lynette Howell Taylor’s husband and children:

Lynette Howell Taylor is married to Graham Taylor, co-president of Endeavor Content. Endeavour Content is a holding company for talent and media agencies in California. With her family of husband and children, she lives in Pacific Palisades, LA.


Taylor shares two daughters and a son with her husband Graham. Additionally, her eldest daughter is 7 years old and the youngest id 2 years respectively. However, the details about her son are not in the media yet. Moreover, her older daughter is named Avery while the younger one is Millie and her son is named Atticus.

Lynette’s Instagram profile and height:

Her official Instagram handle is @lynettehowell79. As of April 2020, she has 2184 followers and 672 posts. Her posts range from family pictures to celebrities and award shows. Lynette Howell Taylor is 5 foot 8 inches or 173m tall.

lynette Howell Taylor
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How much is Lynette Howell Taylor’s Net Worth?

Lynette Howell Taylor’s net worth is about $1-5 million. She lives in Pacific Palisades with her family which is a very affluent neighbourhood in LA, California. Conversely, the richest producer in the movie industry is George Lucas who is worth $4.3 Billion. Her husband is the co-president at Endeavor Content.