12 Reasons Why Lady Gaga is Known as Mother Monster

12 Reasons Why Lady Gaga is Known as Mother Monster of the World

Not every star treats their fans as their children. But, Lady Gaga is very close to her fans and treats her fans like her children.

Because she keeps her fans close to her heart and takes care of them, she is known as a ‘Mother Monster.’

Well known for caring and nourishing her fans, she has a tremendous love for them.

Lady Gaga maintains a very close relationship with her little monsters.

So, she is different from other celebrities.

Unlike other stars, she makes sure to cherish her fans and show love to them whenever they need it.

Here is a list of reasons why people love Mother Monster Lady Gaga.


1. She took a moment to show up to her injured fan

12 Reasons Why Lady Gaga is Known as Mother Monster of the World

While she was performing on a stage, Mother Monster Lady Gaga took a moment to step out of the stage.

She noticed a fan that was bleeding in the crowd.

So, she escaped from the scene and went to the group by stopping the show.

The act that she did to make sure that her fans are okay was able to make her stay in the hearts of many.


2. She created a program for people

Mother Monster Lady Gaga created a foundation named Born This Way Foundation.

She and her mom created it in the year 2012.

With a clear motive of the foundation to create a braver and kinder world for young people, it has been running since the year 2012.

Also, it raises voices and helps them to get a platform.


3. After canceling a plan, she treated her fans with pizza

12 Reasons Why Lady Gaga is Known as Mother Monster

This popular lady has won the hearts of many because she went to treat her fans after she canceled a show.

Although she was in chronic pain, she went out to treat them with pizza. So, her fans consider her very good.


4. She sang to her fan’s baby

In a show, she held the newborn baby of her fan.

By holding a baby, she sang, and this was considered delightful by the audience.


5. Lady Gaga sent a video message to her fan

12 Reasons Why Lady Gaga is Known as Mother Monster

One of Lady Gaga’s fans was depressed.

So, she sent a letter to her fan in the form of a video asking to take care.

This action of her has made her the mother monster.


6. She danced and sang in front of her apartment

As Lady Gaga is very close to her fans, she has been pampering them.

Once, she went outside her flat and started singing and dancing with her fans outside her studio.

She danced in Lady Gaga songs and entertained her fans.


7. She hugged a fan after reading a letter

Unlike other celebrities, Mother Monster Lady Gaga does a lot for her fans.

She makes sure that her fans are not left un-concerned.

So, she read a letter given by one of her fans immediately.

After reading the letter, she could not control her emotions and hugged the fan right after that.

Hence, the love that she has for her fans is inconsiderable.


8. She went live on Instagram to host a medication session

When the world was on the stage of danger and was suffering from terror attacks, she started an Instagram live.

Through her Instagram, she took her fans into meditation.

Hence, most of the people were overwhelmed to see her and gave a lot of positive responses.


9. She sang a song for a small fan

Among the lady Gaga songs, she sang ‘Edge of Glory’ to her 12-year old fan who was suffering from autism.

She sang the song in Joanne World Tour. Because of all these responses of Lady, she has been winning the hearts of many.


10. Lady Gaga helped children

Mother Monster Lady Gaga is also famous for serenading children at a foster home located in Mexico.


11. At her dad’s restaurant

As we all know that Lady Gaga’s dad owns a restaurant.

Here is something that came out of it.

She sold copies of one of her albums from the restaurant in the New York City.


12. She danced on the stage with a little Monster

In one of her shows, she invited the Little Monster(one of her fans) to dance with her on the scene.

Hence, the reputation of Mother Monster Lady Gaga is shining in the celebrity world because of her kindness.

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