Keep It Clean: Sanitation Tips for Nail Salons

Keep It Clean: Sanitation Tips for Nail Salons
Keep it clean and keep it safe. Protect your clients and nail technicians by following these sanitation tips for nail salons. Don’t miss this advice!

With any establishment that serves clients, it’s important to keep it clean and sanitize the space. If you’re a salon operator, check out these sanitation tips for nail salons. Don’t forget to implement these practices immediately!

Sanitize Tools After Every Client

Sanitize tools and equipment after every client. This reduces the spread of germs and bacteria. Furthermore, cleaning prevents fungal infections. Clients don’t have to worry about encountering the previous customer’s germs. Keeping disinfectant wipes at nail stations makes it easy for technicians to clean between clients.

Avoid Cross-Contaminating Products

It’s common for nail salons to reuse products like nail polish for various clients. However, some products are susceptible to cross-contamination. In particular, nail dip powders require dipping your nail inside a container. When multiple people dip their fingers in the jar, germs transfer from their hands to the product.

To avoid the spread of germs, always follow good practices. After all, proper protocol is important with dip powder manicures because it avoids cross-contamination. Follow the “pour-over” method that sprinkles the powder on the client’s nail (instead of dipping them in a jar).

Frequently Wash Hands

Nail technicians should frequently wash their hands, especially before serving a client. Doing so washes away bacteria. Along with hand washing, technicians can wear gloves during services. This protects clients and nail technicians from transferring germs. After an appointment, technicians will toss out the gloves.

Follow a Post-Service Checklist

Another sanitation tip for nail salons is to follow a post-service checklist. After every client, it’s essential to clean materials before serving another customer. Depending on the salon service, the checklist may differ. However, this is an example checklist to follow:

  • Wipe down pedicure or manicure chair
  • Disinfect nail tools
  • Clean station with disinfectant wipes
  • Throw away disposable material
  • Wash used towels

Regularly Clean the Salon

One of the best (and most obvious) sanitation tips is to regularly clean the salon. Not only does it uphold the establishment’s appearance, but it complies with OSHA regulations. Safety and sanitation are extremely important! Practices like mopping, wiping door handles, and cleaning salon chairs are smart procedures.