Cut Off These 5 Things From Life To Accelerate Happiness

Cut Off These 5 Things From Life To Accelerate Happiness

Happiness is the ultimate aspiration that we humans aspire for throughout our life. But little do we know that happiness is not achieved, it is a state of mind. You need to nurture your happiness just like you would nurture a seedling.

To be happy you need to start working out with yourself.  Analyze and comprehend yourself and make necessary changes in life. Changes that help grow happiness within you and not hinder it. Find out what makes you truly happy? What fills the void within you? Was it because you were kind to yourself and you were loving yourself a little more? Were you soaking in all the positive energies? Did you let go of the things that were hindering you? Well, we humans always talk about adding things to complete our life and goals. But this time try cutting off these 5 things to live a happier life.

Removing negative people from life

Cut Off These 5 Things From Life To Accelerate Happiness

To prove this point, Jim Rohn’s quote “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” fits the best. When you join a workshop with top-notch brilliant minds, positive and ambitious how do you feel after leaving the room? It’s the same with negative, unhappy, and unambitious people. No matter how hard you try, they will have an effect on you make you fall downhill. Sadly, you won’t ever go beyond that environment. Hence if you want to change, you need to change your environment first.

Furthermore, you can also apply the 80/20 rule here as well. Which 20% of friends or relatives cause 80% of unhappiness? Find the source of the unsafe and negative emotions, and formulate boundaries to protect yourself.

Remove the desire to please everyone

Chasing dreamy goals is not a problem. But chasing them just to prove to others or you yourself can be a problem. People care a lot about what people think of them. And they also care about proving their worth and show off that they are of a certain level. Once you start seeking validations from people you will never be able to attain a peaceful state of mind. Being human we should always thrive to be better people than we were yesterday. Chase self-improvement rather than chasing goals to prove people around you.

Cut off attachments

Cut Off These 5 Things From Life To Accelerate Happiness
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Achieving and possessing high material values doesn’t make anyone happy. It may give pleasure but not real happiness. Remember that such things are just temporary. If you want to soak in real peace, more freedom and tranquility don’t ever depend your happiness on your goal. Try not to attach your happiness to your goal because even if you lose you won’t feel depressed for losing it. You should realize that attachment with anyone or anything only builds more expectations and leads to nothing good.

Cutting off the bottom 20% from your life

The 80/20 rule says that 20% of the causes cause 80% of the impact. This is why you should conduct an 80/20 analysis every once in a while and raise questions:

1. What is the 20% thing that makes me 80% unhappy?

2. What is the 20% thing that leads to my 80% happiness?

Even if the tiniest activities, promises, or even a person make you unhappy. Try to avoid such things. In contrast, even if the tiniest things increase your happiness, try to accelerate them more in life.

Remove negative thoughts

Cut Off These 5 Things From Life To Accelerate Happiness

Many people and sources can feed us negativity and stress. So how can you avoid such emotions? A good way could be, boycotting negative news. The news comes in various forms. Negative news can makes us sad and anxious. Hence filter what you hear or see. Similarly, you can even try cutting off social media for a while. Social media makes people feel insecure and dissatisfied with their lives. Once you start to restrict social media, you will begin to feel great relief.  you will have more free time to spend on the things you value and love.

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