Forgetting Is A Sign Of Intelligence: Why we Forget?

Forgetting Is A Sign Of Intelligence: Why we Forget?

Each and everyone forgets at some time. It might be leaving necessary equipment such as phone, laptop charger, umbrella at home while leaving for office. However, some scientific research has shown that forgetfulness is a sign of very high intelligence, so don’t worry if you often forget things you care about.

Over a period of time, nobody is perfectly good at keeping track of all the things they hear and see. I found in a difficult situation when I forget my password, but thanks to the password keeper applications. Now life has been easy through technology; we don’t have to remember everything. However, we only have to organize.

Recent research and study have concluded that there are no such things called lousy memory. Rather improper management of ideas leads to forgetting.

Scientist confirms: Being forgetful is a sign of high intelligence

A recent study by the University of Toronto figured that strong memory has too much ongoing process which deteriorates the 20% of human brain capacity. Well, having high intelligence is a sign of overrated assets. However, being forgetful actually could benefit your level reasoning, thinking as well as boost your intelligence.

Forgetting is a high intelligence
Everyone forgets and its fine, elearningindustry

One of the professors of the study, Professor Blake Richland, stated that:

It’s important that the brain forgets irrelevant details and instead focuses on the stuff that’s going to help make decisions in the real world.

We know that exercise increases the number of neurons in the hippocampus, but they’re exactly those details from your life that don’t actually matter, and that may be keeping you from making good decisions.

Professor Richards and Paul Frankland suggested that memory should be used to optimize decision-making by maintaining valuable information. Letting go of the other insignificant things actual boosts our intelligence. Make room for the things that matter the most.

The study says that forgetfulness is a boon to us rather than a hindrance. Moreover, our brain tends to forget specific details such as name, place, and event. Not to worry, all of the necessary information is stored on our subconscious, which is known as master memory.

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Forgetful Genius

Everyone wants a high level of memory and intelligence, but nobody is trying to know how things work. Here we list simple tips and techniques which will help you to remember everything you hear. I see a man with a broken brain and his name is Jim Kwik.

Learn ANYTHING Faster, Jim Kwik
Learn ANYTHING Faster, Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik had a head injury when he was at the age of five, which let him face difficulty remembering things at school. He forgot everything and had a tough time in his early childhood days. Jim was too slow, and he almost dropped school.

Further, now he is an expert in remembering hundreds of numbers in order and out of order. So how this superbrain capability arrived at his doorstep?

If you want to have capabilities like Jim Kwik here are some tips and hacks.

Two Strategies for Remembering

1. Visual Memory

You will be amazed if you tapped into the true capability of visualization, and yes, everyone can visualize. As an example, imagine you are at a birthday party and you are introduced to ten people in quick succession. So how can you remember everyone’s name without forgetting? What you have to do is a visualization of a person’s name with a character, you know.

Unlock the power of visual memory
Unlock the power of visual memory, Rapid Learning Institute

If one of your friend names is roger, than you can quickly connect it to the roger and out. Likewise, if the next person’s name is mike, you can mentally visualize that mike always carries a microphone in his pocket.

In this fun way, you will never forget the name you heard. Well, if it does not works out for the first time, than it’s okay; practice makes a man perfect.

2. Mental Memory Tree

If you are trying to memorize a huge amount of data, facts, history, formulas, itinerary, than find a way to mentally visualizing with a memory tree. Of course, everyone has a super brain, but most of the people just ignored the capabilities they have.

Organize your brain to learn more
Organize your brain to learn more, notonthehighstreet

For example, it’s a lot easier to remember 847348 in the chunk as “847” and “348” than remembering the whole six digits. Well if you work out like this, you won’t forget for an extended period.

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