Are you Single? Avoid These Habits to Mingle

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Being single for some time has its benefits. At the same time, no one wants to remain single forever. We all want love; we all need a partner with whom we can share our lives. Even if that is the case, most of us mistake finding what we are looking for in all the wrong ways.

We continue to live in the same manner, hoping that this will lead to different outcomes. We recognize this illogical, yet we continue to operate with the default configuration.

Being single isn’t a bad thing and being in a relationship isn’t a remedy. Whatever stage you’re at, looking at the behaviours and decisions that benefit you and those that are hurting you—is critical.

Here are ten habits that you might want to work on that are keeping you single :

You are still connected to your ex (who hurt you) on social media.


Whether you can be an ex’s friend is still debated, but that’s not what we’re discussing here. Some relationships will always have more meaning than others, and if you are the one who ended up injured, it is a challenge to overcome that completely. Seeing the visible reminders of someone who has broken your heart can keep dragging you back into that space. If you want closure and some healing to allow a new relationship to flourish, you need to stop following the old one online. 

To have a specific idea of ​​what your true love looks like, physically.

It’s common to have a type. But rejecting people because they don’t meet all the categories in your checklist means you may miss out on good people to work with. So don’t force yourself into anything you’re not into, but get into situations with an open mind.

Working under the motto, “I will wait until I find out my crush is single.”

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We’ve all found that, for whatever reason, it won’t happen. They are not available. We keep their point of view set for a date where possible. But waiting around and longing for something that may or may not always keep your heart out to the people you can be with.

Competing with your ex will keep you single.

They have some remarkable new ones, so you want some amazing ones. They just hit a significant milestone, so now you need to hit a big one. This will lead to a proper relationship because you are not investing in love. You’re just trying to win the game.

Expecting love to feel the same every time.

Every relationship is unique. Love may never feel the same twice. Comparing all the current feelings and emotions with what happened in the past sets unrealistic expectations. You are constantly changing and improving. The way you like it too. Respect this change and treat each moment as something new.

 Rooting for other people’s relationships to fail.

You reap what you sow. Grief loves company, and we are all guilty of focusing on others’ relationships. But putting that evil power back will return to you. Karma usually gets the last laugh.

Excessive online sharing .

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Surprisingly as our generation opens up conversations and encourages new communication methods, there is so much more. Someone can know everything they need about Google’s quick search, which leaves a little secret. Getting together is part of the fun. I’m not saying you need to eliminate social media because it’s a great tool. But be specific about how you use it.

Spending time with people in unhealthy relationships.

If the only examples you witness are unhealthy, you might imitate those behaviours in your dating life. Following people who are not emotional. Getting caught in something with zero pressure. Being in a recurring relationship. You are imitating what you see in front of you.

Excessive self-criticism.

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Never forget self-confidence is a good thing. None of us is perfect. We all have problems, mistakes, and areas we wish could be different. But a person who believes in himself will be likelier to be with him than someone submissive to every opportunity. It isn’t easy to take action, but practising self-love goes a long way. So you are the owner of the badass you are, and you may be wondering who is coming to join this love.

Never leaving your bubble keeps you single.

Staying comfortable is easy. It’s safe. Netflix and just relaxing with your sweat are needed from time to time. But if you never leave your bubble and don’t put yourself in new situations where you can meet new people, you won’t meet anyone. It’s hard to fall in love if you don’t go across your house.

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