Gracie McGraw, Everything You Need To Know About The Daughter Of Tim McGraw

Gracie McGraw

Even if you are not a big fan of country music, you’ve probably heard about the McGraws. Gracie Mcgraw was the first child to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, who now have been married for 24 years. Gracie is the oldest daughter among the three kids that Tim McGraw and his wife have given birth to.


The family that Gracie grew up in is musical. Not just her, but also her sisters, Audrey and Maggie are equally talented. However, only Gracie has shown interest in performing live. They grew up in Nashville but as per Gracie’s Instagram post, she moved to LA last year. On the post, Gracie says that she never really felt home at Nashville.

How old is Gracie McGraw and where was she raised?

The firstborn daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Gracie is now 22 years old. Gracie was born in 1997, May 5 about a year after their parents were married.

Gracie McGraw
Photo Credit: Today.com
Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill with their 3 daughters.

She was raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She grew up in a family of 5 with her 2 sisters and parents. Gracie stayed with her parents until she graduated from high school.

Gracie McGraw singing:

Although it is pretty difficult to find the videos of her singing, Gracie has sung in some of Tim’s live performances. As you can see in the video below, both of them sang together live at Nashville during 2015.

Similarly, there are other instances where Tim has shared Gracie McGraw’s sing-alongs on Instagram praising her voice.

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Gracie McGraw and her dog:

Gracie owns as a dog named Baz whom, she loves more than anything. She has a white poodle with brown spots here and there. The dog is a year old now and almost half of Gracie McGraw’s Instagram posts have Baz in the background. Her love for the animal is clearly seen through her Instagram posts and videos.


However, it’s not just her that loves animals in her family but her younger sister Maggie is also an animal lover. Their parents shared a story in Ellen where Maggie helped a turtle cross a road in Texas.

Body positivity message:

Gracie McGraw’s Instagram account is full of positive messages and vibes. She has clearly advocated and written about the body-shaming issue through her posts.


I’ve gotten to a place where I can confidently say, I love my body. I love my curves, I love the fact that I have stretch marks, I love my cellulite, I love my large boobies (that sometimes I still hate since they get in the way), I finally love me,” said Gracie on her Instagram post.

Band and Music Career:

Out of the three daughters of Tim McGraw, Gracie had always been interested in music. She also managed to teach herself how to play guitar and how to sing. As heard in the video above, Gracie really has a great singing voice and has the potential to become a great music star.

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Education and Career:

Gracie joined NewYork University as soon as she graduated high school. So, there’s big anticipation that the daughter of two such huge stars will enter the entertainment industry. As per her interest in her dad’s shows, it is likely that Gracie will also enter the singing industry.

Gracie McGraw’s Relationship Status:

It is definitely obvious that as parents of 3 young daughters, Tim and Faith are protective over their kids. However, they have shared a story in Jimmy Fallon’s show where Tim says what his first encounter with Gracie’s boyfriend was like.

So as per this interview, Gracie is definitely in the dating game now. However, she has not been explicit about the guy that she is dating. She has a lowkey Instagram profile. So we can say that she is not really in a relationship. Nonetheless, she is into the dating scene and has gone out a few two times.

She is a strong and powerful woman:

Through her posts on Instagram, she couldn’t be blunter about the body-shaming issues. Her rich family relationship has made the woman very confident and expressive. She has also posted photos of her younger sisters inspiring and motivating them.

Gracie Mcgraw
Photo: Facebook/Gracie Mcgraw

This shows how close they are as a family. We hope this year we get to see more from this talented young woman in the music or whatever industry she chooses to work in.

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