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Eight Weird National Holidays Americans Celebrate

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Americans celebrate the weirdest things, it’s no wonder they have so many strange national holidays. There are some pointless holidays that are useless, weird, and plain strange. We’re stretching the meaning of holiday here; it doesn’t have to be a day off from work or other obligations. This list includes the lesser-known weird holidays! Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite strange American holidays:

National Ex-Spouse Day

People criticize Valentine’s Day for being nothing more than a commercial holiday, but what about National Ex-Spouse Day? This day is dedicated to remembering one’s former life partner and is observed every year on April 14, exactly two months after Valentine’s Day. Even if you split into good terms, having a day dedicated to a broken relationship feels odd.

Talk Like Shakespeare Day

Shakespeare is often regarded as the finest writer in English history. As an English-speaking country, it’s only natural that we have a day to honor the great Bard… who was born in England. They couldn’t just have a National Shakespeare Day or something; they had to go with Talk Like Shakespeare Day instead. On April 23, Americans recite classic Shakespearean sonnets or phrases from his plays as they wander around town. Or they go on social media and put the word ‘est’ at the end of every sentence. Shakespeare, we believe, would have enjoyed Twitter. 

National Dogs in Politics Day


On September 23, we honor The First Dog of the United States, which maintains a special place in the hearts of all Americans, as part of National Dogs in Politics Day. Dogs and other pets have a lengthy history at the White House, where they have endeared us to their owners (the First Families) and even persuaded the votes of animal lovers concerned about their furry companions’ rights.

Middle Child Day

national middle child day
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It’s challenging to be the middle child. But, at the very least, every year, on August 12, Middle Child Day will be celebrated! Or maybe not so much. Although Middle Child Day may appear to be a well-deserved celebration for those who are sometimes overlooked, we’re ready to bet your parents are completely ignorant of the event. And it pretty much sums up the life of a middle child.

No Socks Day

Everybody should appreciate Socks, whether worn to show off your more fashionable side or keep your feet warm. On this particular day, however, such is not the case. Every year on May 8, No Socks Day is an opportunity to let your feet breathe and get some fresh air. Actor Thomas Roy and his wife developed it. Similarly, you can celebrate Lost Sock memorial day on May 9. Who’d have guessed there’d be so many days dedicated to socks?

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Show your appreciation for bubble wrap on National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. It is another one of the most weird national holidays celebrated on the final Monday in January in America. You might wonder what started this strange holiday? When a radio station unwrapped microphones over the air, listeners loved it! The rest, as they say, is history.

National Croc Day


Every year on October 23, National Croc Day sneaks upon us. Crocs are making a resurgence on college campuses, fashion runways, celebrity feet, and comedy stages alike. After all, why not? They’re adaptable, colorful, and, most importantly, comfy. But an entire day dedicated to crocs seems too extra, right?

National Ding-A-Ling Day

One of those distinctively American innovations is National Ding-A-Ling Day. It’s a holiday in which you reconnect with friends or relatives you may have lost track of over the year (ideally via phone, hence the humorous reference to “ding-a-ling”). You also receive a free pass to act a little strange for the day. National Ding-A-Ling Day is usually on December 12, but you may think of it as a Halloween-like celebration!

Some other weird national holidays include squirrel appreciation day, national cleaning day, national name your car day.

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