The World’s Most Weird Musical Instruments

weird musical instruments

The weird musical instrument???,

Surprisingly, there are a lot of weird musical instruments that you have never heard.

The article below covers some of the world’s most weird musical instruments.

If you are curious about this topic, make sure you stay with us until the end.

Music can be considered as one of the forms of art.

In other words, it can also be called the expression of emotions through harmonic frequencies.

In general, Music is a powerful tool that brings the sounds together in a way that people find it interesting.

The term Music is derived from a Greek word, mousike which means the art of muses.

Moreover, in ancient Greece muses were known as a goddess of music, poetry, art, and dance.

In the modern world, the instrument that is used to produce music is called musical instruments.

Well, you might be familiar with some of the common musical instruments such as Guitar, Paino, Drum, Violin and many more.



weird musical instrument
Theremin, Wikiwand

This instrument is unusual because it needs no contact to be played, but instead, the sound is created by bringing hands close to two “antennas.”

It was invented by the Russian physicist, Lev Termen which was designed to produce classical music.

Although it wasn’t popular at the time of its invention, it revolutionized the world of music when the film ‘Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey’ was released.


2. Octobass

Musical instrument

One of the weird musical instruments, the Octobass is a huge double bass chuffing with a height of 3.48 m.

It was first invented by the Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume who was a massive fan of the string instruments.

Considering its size, it seems to be too big to play with the hands, however, using elaborate foot-pedals, the instrument becomes easier to use.

Apparently, the famous French composer was a huge fan of the instrument and was inspired to write about it in his treatise on orchestration.


3. The Great Stalacpipe Organ

 Stalacpipe Organ
The Great Stalacpipe Organ, Twitter

There are many weird organs out there that use all kinds of materials to make sound, but the great stalacpipe organ is one of the best.

It is located in Luray Caverns in the United States. Its working mechanism is by striking rubber mallets at stalactites tuned to different pitches.

The Instrument was invented by Leland W. Sprinkle.

The story behind the invention of the organ is that Sprinkle got the concept when his son hit his head on one of the stalactites.

The hit produced low, vibrating hum from the cave.


4. The Vegetable Orchestra

weird musical instrument
The Vegetable Orchestra, YouTube

It might sound funny, but these musicians play with their food.

In Vienna, Austria, in 1998 the group was founded. Using everything from bass drum pumpkins to carrot flutes they play a wide range of music on fresh vegetables.

Most instruments are as good as they are, but some need to be sculpted.

Nevertheless, they don’t waste anything, they use the leftover vegetable pieces to make soup after a show that they serve to their audience.


5. The Glass Harmonica

The Glass Harmonica

The instrument, invented by Benjamin Franklin, uses the same idea as playing wine glasses but switch them on their side.

A set of glass bowls are spinning as the player touches the bowls with wet fingers to create the desired sounds.

Due to its unique design, it is possible to play multiple notes at once and create some hauntingly beautiful sounds.

In fact, it was actually quite popular in its day, but its popularity has unfortunately diminished over time.


6. Zeusaphone a.k.a. The Thoramin

Zeusaphone a.k.a. The Thoramin
Zeusaphone a.k.a. The Thoramin, Pinterest

Don’t get fooled by its name, the instrument we are going to talk about is simply stunning.

This instrument produces music from thunder, produced from tesla coil.

Essentially, it is a plasma speaker that operates by modulating a Tesla coil’s spark output, producing a shocking effect.


7. Pyrophone

The World's Most Weird Musical Instruments

The pyrophone, also known as the fire organ or the explosive organ, is another wonderful and unusual instrument.

It’s quite simply that, an organ powered by gasoline and propane; combustion and explosion create the music.

When we think about the true rockstar instrument, Pyrophone is the one which organ needs to be on fire to produce music.

Isn’t this is the weirdest musical instrument?

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