Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide update till August

Covid-19 update
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The update on Coronavirus situation around the world up until August 2020

Coronavirus continues its global spread, with more than 23 million confirmed cases in 215 countries. About 823,540 people have already succumbed to the disease according to the statistics of 26 August 2020. Likewise, more than 16 million people have recovered from the infection.

In many countries, cases of the infection continue to rise, while others who had initial success to get control over the initial outbreak are now seeing infections rise again. Although WHO claims rise in cases and deaths has slowed globally, the cases are exponentially rising in the countries of Southeast Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean regions.

Americas remains COVID hardest-hit region

The WHO, releasing an epidemiological update on Monday (24 August 2020), confirmed that the Americas remains the worst-hit region. As per their stats, over the past week, the region has registered half of the newly identified cases and 62 percent of the 39,240 deaths worldwide.

Coronavirus update
Americas remains the worst-hit region by Coronavirus
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Talking about the most hit countries in the Americas, the USA leads the table followed by Brazil. As of 26 August 2020, the USA had 2,519,042 active cases while 182,404 people already died from the infection. Likewise, the second most-hit country, Brazil, currently has 709,115 active cases with 116,666 registered death.

Coronavirus update
India’s death record is the 4th height among all the 215 countries
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On the other hand, as per the reports, Asia is the second-worst affected region. In particular, India currently has three million active cases while their death toll has reached 59,612. Stats also suggests that India averages more than 60,000 new infections each day. Also, their death record is the 4th height among all the 215 countries.

Here are top updates related to Coronavirus around the globe: 

AstraZeneca begins anti-body drug trial in the UK

On August 25, 2020, the UK-based biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca announced that clinical trials for an antibody-drug have begun. Furthermore, the drug has double hopes of treating COVID-19 and preventing it.

Coronavirus update
UK-based biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca have begun clinical trail
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The Cambridge-based British-Swedish multinational AstraZeneca, talking about the trial said:

the drug is a combination of two monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and the first participants have been dosed with it for the Phase I trial.

If the trial gets success, the drug can be available with the name AZD7442. In addition, the drug can be useful to treat and prevent the progression of disease in individuals. Well, if everything goes right, the drug will probably be available to the public within a few months.

China begun vaccinations since July

As per the different news reports, since late July, China has been distributing doses of a COVID-19 vaccine for the people who are at extreme risk, including medical workers. Nonetheless, the vaccine’s clinical trials which demonstrate that if it works or not have not been completed yet.

According to reports published by CNN on 22 August 2020, the country has approved the use of the vaccine developed by the Beijing-based drug company Sinopharm. CNN also reported that the people at high risk for exposure to COVID-19 are eligible for the vaccine. In particular, professionals working as a health care staff, customs/border officers are prioritized.

German business morale brightens further

In the road to recovery, Germany’s economy is slowly gaining its pace. As per the reports, their business morale has significantly grown in August due to steaming up of manufacturing and services. As per the stats of Ifo institute, their business climate index rose to 92.6 from 90.4 in July.

South Korea again goes into the lock-down amid a spike in cases

For the 12th straight day, the country recorded a triple-digit regular rise in coronavirus cases. For the preventive measure, South Korean officials have decided to close schools, going back to remote learning. In the last two weeks, more than 193 students and teachers in the metropolitan area of Seoul have been found to be infected with the virus.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in South Korea reported 280 new COVID-19 cases pushing the 12-day total to 3,175. So far the country has confirmed 17,945 cases including 310 deaths. Since August 23, 2020, South Korea has prohibited big gatherings, shut down nightspots and churches.

Restriction lifted in New York

Coronavirus restriction eased in New York from August 24, 2020, allowing museums and gyms to re-open in the less affected areas.

However, as per the guidelines proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, museums will face constraints, including time ticketing and 25 percent occupancy. On the other hand, gyms and fitness centers could open only at 33 percent capacity.

Coronavirus Update
Museums and Gyms to re-open in New York
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In addition, Cuomo also announced he would eliminate five states off New York’s travel advisory list, loosening quarantine restrictions on travelers from areas previously known as coronavirus hotbeds.

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