How Covid-19 Is Making Millions of Americans Healthier

Covid-19 Is Making Millions of Americans Healthier

That Covid-19 or coronavirus, whatever you call it, has made us spend more time at home than any vacation. I understand that it can be frustrating sometimes not to be able to go out and enjoy it. But if you want to see a silver lining in all this mess, you might be getting healthier. According to a report through a survey conducted by Hunter, cooking at home could be the new normal after the post-Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the same survey by Hunter, Americans are now cooking 54% more than before. Also, they are baking 46% more than usual. It is not surprising, however, to realize that now people are more confident (by 50%) at cooking. It’s true that the more you practice doing something, the easier it gets.

That doesn’t mean that the demand for take-out hasn’t risen. Even the market for packaged and processed goods have gone up considerably. However, looking at the better side, Covid-19 Is Making Millions of Americans Healthier, and that’s a fact.

Cooking at home is healthier amidst and after coronavirus:

In a sample of 1005, the research report says that people ordering take-outs during Covid-19 had reduced by 8%. Take out foods that are more unhealthy compared to home-cooked meals. Not just that, but they are also expensive in comparison to homemade food.

Covid-19 Is Making Millions of Americans Healthier

Not to forget the nutrition that you lose from over-processed foods. In the process of making and delivering a cooked meal, the restaurant has to compromise on the food quality. Plus, the ingredients added at a restaurant aren’t healthy. When at home, you have the complete authority over what you add in your food. As a result, the food you cook becomes healthier.

Why is cooking at home more healthy?

Millions of Americans are getting healthy amidst the covid-19 pandemic, and here are a few reasons why:

Covid-19 Is Making Millions of Americans Healthier

  • While cooking yourself, you avoid chemical additives, hormones, sugar, salt, unhealthy fat, and calories.
  • You tend to develop healthier diet habits at home since you have more options.
  • The food is less processed and, thus, has more substantial nutrient value.
  • You reduce calorie consumptions while eating a home-cooked meal.
  • You have control over what you add on your food.

Cooking is therapeutic:

Perhaps the quarantine has made you hate staying indoors, and you cannot wait for it to end. So, if you want to make the best out of staying indoor, try cooking. Some psychologists even claim that cooking is meditative and could help people with anxiety and depression.

“Cooking and baking activities are therapeutic for patients with depression. They stimulate cognition, get people working on memory tasks, and allow patients to connect with a feeling of nurturing and protection.”

-London psychiatrist Mark Salter

Staying indoors during the lockdown in Covid-19 might make some of us feel claustrophobic. One of the best ways to escape such emotions is to keep yourself busy and entertained. Cooking at home often means that you are going to look for new recipes and ingredients to spice up your dish. So, this engagement also helps us have an easier time.

It also costs less to cook at home:

It can be interesting to realize that you are saving a ton more by just cooking at home. Although the hard way, many people have understood this during the coronavirus pandemic. Reports also suggest that you can also save a ton by cooking inside during covid-19. Plus there are food items that are healthy and easy to make.

Covid-19 Is Making Millions of Americans Healthier

According to Wellio, the cost of making a meal at home is $4.31. In comparison, meal kits were $12.53, and restaurant take-outs cost $20.37. A meal from a restaurant is almost three times as expensive as one made at home. So, not only are you staying healthy by cooking more but also saving a ton.

Americans are trying out new recipes during Covid-19:

If you’ve always wanted to try grandma’s apple pie recipe, this is the best time to learn. Whether through facetime or recipe books, even young people are engaging themselves in the kitchen.
The rate of people cooking at home is more frequent now. Google says an increase in the search for “cook with me” by 100% in the last two weeks of March.
It has been an opportunity for people to connect with a family through cooking during Covid-19.
35% of the people from the research said that they are enjoying cooking more than ever now during coronavirus pandemic. The study also reports that Americans are finding out more about new ingredients and dishes during this time.

Home workout apps and workout channels are on the rise during a lockdown:

As gyms closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have switched to workout apps. Since January alone, the fitness app FitOn has seen a rise of 200% in its users. People are turning to apps to avoid becoming unhealthy, and that’s an excellent sign.
Nike also reported a 100% rise in active users of its NTC app in the USA alone. Covid-19 has brought a lot of lousy fortune, but many companies have reported the surge in their users.
So, not just food, even workout habits are growing among millions of Americans, and that’s excellent news. If people continue the good habits even after the pandemic, this could be a silver lining.