Everything You Need To Know About Masterchef’s Laura Sharrad

laura sharrad
laura sharrad
Photo: Starlight Foundation

After becoming the runner up for season 6 Masterchef, Laura Sharrad is back at it again. In the new Masterchef back to win edition, the contestants are fighting for the trophy once more. Laura is of Italian descent, so she has perfected Italian pasta and even has her restaurant. However, during the show, the viewers have criticized her for cooking only pasta each time. Laura Sharrad got married in the year 2018 with Max Sharrad who also competed in the show as a guest chef.


The show started airing on April 13th, 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic. They claim that they are shooting the episodes while maintaining social distance. Nonetheless, Laura Sharrad is back on the game and more experienced now than ever.

How was Laura Sharrad’s Childhood?

Laura Sharrad was born in February 1996, which makes her 24 years in age. From a very young age, she grew fond of food and cooking.

laura sharrad
Photo: Channel 10
Laura Sharrad

Her mother Anita, along with her grandmothers Rosa and Maria were an inspiration for her food journey. She says that her love for food grew out of the times she spends in the Tuscan countryside. Along with the Italian way of life, she was inspired by the food.

Educational Background:

Laura completed her education from Siena College, Camberwell. She graduated in 2012 from the same school where Emelia Jackson had graduated from in 2006. They both came 2nd and 3rd in season 6 of Masterchef Australia. She was about to pursue a career in health science at Flinders University. However, she gave up on that dream to continue her career in food.

Laura Sharrad’s relationship and husband:

She recently got married to one of the past contestants, Max Sharrad from Masterchef Australia. Laura Sharrad’s husband is 28-years-old. The couple met for the first time about five years back. The pair met on the kitchen of Jock Zonfrillo’s, an acclaimed restaurant in Rundle St.

Laura Sharrad
Laura Sharrad and husband, Max Sharrad
Photo: theaustralian.com

I knew from day one. I could just tell, it was love at first sight,” said Max Sharrad about his wife.

He proposed her after two years of being together at Tuscany, Italy in March 2017. The proposal was almost dreamy and magical. The couple managed to keep their three and a half weeks long vacation in Italy a secret before officially announcing it.

As soon as he pulled out the little box, I just started crying and blubbering … I cried the whole time. It was simply beautiful, just perfect,” said Laura when asked about the proposal.

The couple finally tied the knot on October 2018.


Laura Cassai Sharrad’s Professional career:

Laura Cassai Sharrad claimed that she opened up a restaurant with the AUD 20,000, she won as the runner up of Masterchef Australia.

Currently, she owns the restaurant called Nido located at King William Road, Australia with her husband. Most of the dishes there are Italian or at least inspired by Italian cuisine.

The restaurant also offers exclusive wine options that are acquired from the Local Italian producers. The restaurant has been up and running since April 2019.

Laura Cassai Sharrad in Masterchef Australia 2020:

Laura came back to Masterchef’s “back to win” this year along with other contestants including Ben Ungermann, Reynold Poernomo, Reece Hignell, and more. However, to this point, she has received tons of backlash. In one of the episodes, she received criticisms on twitter after she cooked pasta for what it felt like the fifth time. However, it’s probably fair for her to cook pasta as long as it tastes good.

laura sharrad
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Laura Sharrad

Additionally, one of the judges this season is Jock Zonfrillo, who she worked for in the past. So, much of the claims have been towards him being potentially biased. It might be possible due to their previous relationship.

Sharrad’s Charity work:

A much lesser-known fact about Laura Sharrad is that she is also active in charity. She has been the ambassador of Starlight Children’s Foundation since 2013.


Laura always wanted to give back to society, so she keeps starlight very close to her heart. She has been actively working for the foundation ever since and participated in their fundraising campaigns as well.

How much is her Net Worth?

The chef has been able to gain a lot of attention after joining back the Masterchef. Although the official data about her net worth aren’t public, it should be anywhere between $100,000-500,000. She owns a restaurant with her husband, so that is her primary source of income right now. If she ends up winning the Masterchef this season, she will add $250,000 to her net worth.