MasterChef Reece Hignell Body Transformation; Information About His Life Including 35 Kg Weight Loss Story

Reece Hignell is famous as an Australian professional cake maker. Besides, Reece is also a cooking teacher by profession. Further, he is also renowned as a contestant of MasterChef Australia in season 10 and season 12 respectively. Additionally, Reece is competing in season 12 along with some of the famous chefs such as Ben Ungermann, Brendan Pang, Callum Hann and many more. Apart from that, he is also well-known as the owner of the Newcastle-based business CakeBoi. 

Returning to the show in 2020, Reece Hignell has admitted that due to his jaw-dropping 35 kg weight loss, many viewers did not recognize him. The dessert expert has embarked on a full lifestyle overhaul in the two years following his 2018 tenure on the Ten network reality show, resulting in a total body transformation.

The article below has every detail about his weight loss, partner, net worth and career. So, without any delay, just tighten your belt to dive into the topic and enjoying reading the interesting facts about the MasterChef Reece.

Body Transformation: Lost 35 kg In Two Years Of Time

Reece Hignell has revealed that the fan didn’t recognize him after a breath-taking weight loss of 35 kgs. In the interview with the daily mail, he said:

I lost quite a bit of weight which was great, but to be honest it was so annoying when I first came back because people were like, “Who’s that guy?

Talking with the daily mail, the celebrity chef revealed that his previous stint in the show could let him focus on diet and fitness. In the interview, he said:

The show was so stressful I didn’t see my health as a priority, I was more focused on the show rather than my health.

Switching To A Plant-Based Diet Was Secrete To His Weight Loss

Reece Hignell revealed the secrete to his weight loss was switching to the plant-based diet. Additionally, he also said that switching to the plant-based diet found more balance in his life.

Body Transformation: Lost 35 kg In Two Years Of Time
Body Transformation: Lost 35 kg In Two Years Of Time
Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Moreover, regular running and recording everything he eats on his phone in an app was another effective way that helped in weight loss. With the daily mail, Reece shared his experience, on how he is monitoring his health, he said:

What I normally do is log what I eat, I find that’s the best way to keep me accountable.

Reece Hignell Partner; Relationship With Dean Whitfield

MasterChef Reece is gay by sexuality, and as reported, he is in a relationship with his boyfriend/partner Dean Whitefield. Despite different source claiming him to be in a relationship with Dean, there isn’t any recent picture of them in the media now. More precisely, the last time Reece posted a photo of Dean was on August 5, 2018.

On the other hand, their relationship made highlight when Reece was a contestant on season 10 MasterChef Australia. In the meantime, their relationship wasn’t going so smoothly. Due to the intensity of competition, Reece was finding it hard to maintain the relationship with Dean, his partner of four years.

Reece Hignell Partner
Reece Hignell’s Relationship With Dean Whitfield
Source: nowtolove

Talking about the difficulty in maintaining the relationship with his partner, Reece back in 2018 while competing in season 10 of the MasterChef Australia said:

It [the show] definitely affected it,” he continued, saying “Leaving your partner for six months is hard – it was tough. Dean was at home looking after bills by himself, and I’m out here not contributing.

He also said that he was guilty of not being able to contribute to the relationship. Despite the turmoil, it appeared everything went well for lovebirds Reece and Dean after the show. Although the couple had a strong bond until 2018, the current status of their relationship is still unknown.

Reece Hignell Net Worth

As per the reports, Reece Hignell has an estimated net worth over $100,000, which is entirely generated from his professional career. Moreover, if he manages to win the season 12 of MasterChef Australia, he will get an opportunity to add $250,000 to his current net worth.

Although MasterChef Reece has never talked about his salary publically in the media, the chef in Australia is expected to earn between $40,000-$70,000 as a yearly salary. In addition to salary, he is an entrepreneur, running his own company, CakeBoi. Also, he works as a cooking teacher, earning a decent amount of money.

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