Amazing Places to Visit for Solo Women Travelers

Amazing Places for Solo Women Travelers

Travel could be a triumph and at the same time, could be a mess as well.

No one would like to turn their trip, what could be a memorable journey, into a regretful event of disarrays.

You may want to travel in a group but if you couldn’t adapt to the other group members’ conduct, there are possibilities you might not enjoy the trip to the fullest.

You’d rather start travelling alone than face such incidents that could ruin your whole holiday.

The number of men travelling alone is very high compared to that of women.

Why don’t women travel solo as much as men do? Is it because they find no such places that offer them the freedom they are after and the safety they concern?

If that is the case, you shouldn’t be worrying at all.

There are many places that provide the solo women travelers the sights they are after, and the safety they regard.

So, get your luggage ready because we are taking you through to the 10 best places for solo women travelers worldwide.


1. The Emperor of Islands, Maldives

Top 10 Best Places for Solo Women Travelers

For all the solo women travelers worldwide, there is no reason to say no to Maldives.

The beautiful islands in contact with the white sandy beaches hypnotize you instantly.

Luxury the surrounding resorts, in the middle of the scenic Indian Ocean, proffer can be barely forgotten.

So, there’s no chance you will regret.


2. Himalayan Kingdom, Bhutan

From several sacred monasteries to the picturesque slopes, Bhutan is a mighty resort transporting peace and the joy of scenery-seeing to the travelers.

Bhutan has managed to enlarge its tourism industry through the exhibition of its natural richness, ensuring safety of travelers.

Solo women travelers are not treated in the opposite way, obviously. A couple of week in this small kingdom of Himalayas is worth it.


3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Top 10 Best Places for Solo Women Travelers

Hey solo women travelers, Copenhagen is where you should be heading to next if you haven’t been there yet.

The historic city hosting many monumental buildings is worth a visit.

Go to Copenhagen Zoo and wave a ‘Hi’ to as many animals as you can, snap a beautiful picture of the Rosenberg Castle for your Instagram story, or make hours of bicycle ride through the city, Copenhagen doesn’t mind at all.


4. Dublin, Ireland

A city carrying a proud story of tragic and triumph, Dublin could be the best city for solo women travelers who are fond of walking.

Hire a bicycle and cross the various bridges, tribute to city’s greatest junctures and heroes.

Celebrate your solo trip in a pub with good music. While the city looks after you, leave no stone unturned falling in love with its rich history and fine arts.


5. New York

Top 10 Best Places for Solo Women Travelers

New York is one of the safest places to travel for solo women travelers.

People from each and every corner of the world live there but are quite busy.

Solo women travelers shall chase their loneliness away witnessing what the world renowned Central Park possesses.

The iconic Statue of Liberty, the crowded Times Square, the mighty Metropolitan Museum of Arts, the famous Brooklyn Bridge, and such are always searching for a chance to heave solo travelers’ delight.

Will you not let them do so?


6. El Chalten, Argentina

Top 10 Best Places for Solo Women Travelers

Nature lover solo women travelers can’t deny an invitation from this magnificent piece on earth.

Regarded as Argentina’s trekking capital, El Chalten is a fine art for all the solo women travelers searching for something divergent.

The scenic land, which is among the favored places for many solo women travelers already, takes care of the guests well and there’s no doubt spending some days here could be one of your greatest decisions.


7. Iceland

One of the gorgeous sites on earth, Iceland is the ultimate and safest places for solo women travelers.

A landmass comprising Europe’s largest glaciers and some mesmerizing waterfalls, Iceland presents how heaven might look like if it was in existence.

The people are generous and trustworthy; they don’t lock their doors, do leave the cars’ keys in the cars.

So, there is no worrying for solo women travelers to any extent.


8. Tokyo

Top 10 Best Places for Solo Women Travelers

Solo women travelers need not think twice regarding the safety in Tokyo.

The major threat could be the earthquake if you are excessively unlucky.

Some shops neither have the owners nor any staffs looking after them because of faithful nature of Japanese people; extraordinary!

The ever inspiring city proudly presents its polite traditions, rich culture, and speedy development; there’s hardly a chance solo women travelers won’t like them.


9. South Island, New Zealand

Top 10 Best Places for Solo Women Travelers

Solo women travelers worldwide may fly to New Zealand for some adventures.

The activities on offer there: rafting, jet boating, hiking, kayaking, bungy jumping, sky diving, and such will easily seize your loneliness handing over the never felt joy to you.

Listed suitable for any travelers, there is no excuse solo women travelers can miss this masterpiece.


10. Chengdu, China

China’s Chengdu could be a completely different experience for solo women travelers.

You could witness naughty, energetic pandas in front of your eyes. Tasting local foods, attending funny plays in Sichuan Opera and, a walking along Chunxi Road could be on the to do list there.

You are completely safe in the region and traveling alone shouldn’t bother you at all.

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