Traveling Alone Without Being Lonely

When you plan for traveling or going on a vacation, you might probably think of going with a partner, friends or some of your family members.

You might be thinking that traveling cannot be fun without a companion.

But have you ever thought of traveling alone or even tried it once?

If you haven’t, trust me traveling alone will be an amazing and life changing experience for you.

Traveling alone can deliver you a very social and a lifetime experience.

You can definitely be traveling alone without being lonely.

Sole travel offers you more opportunities to meet locals and other travelers, and have a more meaningful conversations than if traveling with a companion.

You are open to the world and have access to everything. So, why miss the opportunity?

Let’s go through some of the amazing tips for you to travel solo without being lonely.


Choose your Accommodation Wisely

Prefer your accommodations very wisely.

Rather than choosing big hotels and many resorts, hostels and B&Bs are more social.

Try to make good use of the common rooms. Join others at communal tables for breakfast.

Have a cup of tea with unknown people and interact with them.

Share your culture with people and know their culture as well.

Tall buildings, fancy rooms with air conditioner are something very common.

While traveling, try something different. Go with the nature and have fun. This will definitely decrease your loneliness and make your travel exciting.


Travel by Train or a Bus

Some of you might feel comfortable traveling on planes with very few hours’ journey right?

But if you are planning to travel and explore new things why not by train or a bus?

Trust me traveling by train or a bus is very social and economic as well.

The places you get to see on the roads and the people you meet, the natural beauty and the chaos you will see on the people’s face and streets around you will not let you feel lonely at all.


Go Local Again and Again

When you travel with your companion or with family members, you definitely will choose some expensive accommodations and food.

But, while traveling independent, you need to go local again and again.

Go to some greengrocer, flower shop, try street foods, visit local places and be friendly.

You will be noticed as a new regular and people will eventually chat with you.

You will get to know the local culture and it will definitely make your holiday memorable.


Take Advantage of the Nightlife

There are many wonderful things to do at night when you travel solo. You will not be restricted by anything.

Try to enjoy the beautiful streets, the lights and the people around you.

During the day, being alone is not unusual. But at night, it seems that everyone including the travelers and locals seem to go around with friends and have a good time.


Take an Organized Trip

Independent travel is great and may offer enough social time in the short run.

But in the long run, you may find yourself wanting more company for a period of time.

Try to take an organized tour for a week or more once in a month.

Get out of your hectic schedule of work and enjoy your life as much as you can. This is probably the best thing you can do as a sole traveler.


Learn How to Talk to Strangers

If you are planning to travel alone but do not know how to talk to strangers, trust me you will feel very lonely.

This is one of the must needed thing to know while traveling alone.

Try to make a small conversation with people and know them, their culture and their country.

You have to be an extrovert in order to travel alone.

Communicate with people, share your knowledge and ideas with them and try to get their knowledge and ideas too.

Be very quick in these stuffs. It’s obvious that you might not know the intention of people and what kind of person they are.

So, it might be dangerous sometimes. So, try to keep the conversation short and if possible stay in public. This will make you feel more comfortable.


Go to Restaurants with Communal Tables

These can be a tad hard to find but they are becoming more common.

Google your destination, the restaurant you are willing to visit and a communal table you might want to sit if you are traveling alone.

Communal table is a social equalizer and will help you to get socialized with people very easily.

So, rather than surrounding yourself inside closed door, try something new and help yourself not to get too lonely in your trip.


Get in Touch with Yourself

The best advantage of traveling alone is getting in touch with yourself.

The environment you will get to see and the people you will face during your journey will make you realize the inner you.

The way you are surrounded by the society, the way people think about you and the perception you have will completely change when you travel independently.

Traveling alone will make you enjoy your own company and will not make you feel lonely at all.