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A Smarter Brain :10 daily habits to adopt to make your brain smart

Smarter Brain

A smarter brain helps you to get a lot of compliments from everyone. Being called smart gives you a completely different pride. However, when you are living a monotonous life it’s easy for your mind to start getting dull. But, you don’t have to bring big changes or go on big adventures to keep your brain smart. You can always begin by starting small. Here, in this article, we have gathered ten daily habits that will make you smarter.

1)  Start by reading a newspaper

Smarter brain
Read Newspapers
Source: Kidengage

Big changes happen when you take a step forward towards a smaller change. Reading has a lot to do with how smart your brain remains. You might have noticed how people who read are a little smarter than those who don’t read. However, you don’t have to read big bulky books to get smarter.

You can start by reading something as simple as a newspaper. The newspaper keeps you updated with all the things that are happening around. It gives you the knowledge and knowing eventually makes you smarter. Also, reading newspaper will help you get comfortable to start reading books. So, subscribe to a newspaper and start reading them.

2) Keep a journal

A lot of people believe that journaling is tiresome work. I won’t deny it but once you get the hang of it journaling becomes therapeutic. Writing your thoughts into paper will help you to internalize what you are feeling. Also, when you are journaling you give your ideas a written form.

We usually don’t remember what we always think but writing it in a journal will help you keep those ideas safe from forgetting. Taking a few minutes away from your day to pen your thoughts into a paper will help you recollect your thoughts about the experience you had. And, like a wise person once said, ‘You learn from experience.’ Journaling gives a boost to that learning and helps your brain become smarter.

3) Feed your curiosity with knowledge

Growing up we asked a lot of questions. All the answers to why, how, when, where, what questions gave us knowledge about whatever things we were curious about. But once we start reaching a more matured age we often don’t ask as many questions as before.

Even if we are curious about anything we don’t make any effort to feed that curiosity and that what turns our mind dull. Don’t hesitate and ask as many questions as you want. Feed your curiosity and it will help to keep your brain active. Therefore, it will end up making your brain smarter than before.

4) Travel more, Become wise

If you do not have traveling plans already for this 2020, keep it on your list. Nothing teaches you more than experience. Travelling will help you gather the experiences that you need to learn about life. While spending time at home sounds like a nice idea, it does not teach you a lot after you cross a certain age. I mean how much can you just learn from the same place every time.

That’s why to make your brain smarter you need to travel more. Travelling will give your brain the much-needed break from its monotonous routine. A new place to explore, new dishes to taste, new cultures to experience and a whole new perspective to look at the world will help your brain to become smarter. So, travel more and travel as much as you can.

5) Get out of your comfort zone

Getting out of comfort zone.
Source: Rap jumping

The comfort zone is a dangerous zone to be at. When you are comfortable at something or someplace it becomes your haven. You will hardly want to take risks and experience anything new. The monotonous life you live will become your new normal and you will never get to explore your further potential.

This can make your brain dull. So, time and again get out of your comfort zone and experience something new. Read that book that you wouldn’t read otherwise, wear that dress that hugs your body like a second thing, do anything that gives you discomfort and you will come out of it feeling accomplished. One more accomplishment that you will get is a smarter brain.

6) Surround yourself with smart people

When it comes to brain your mindset also matters on how smart you will become. And the people that you surround yourself with have a lot to do with how your mindset becomes. So, be smart and surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

Every conversation that you strike with them will be full of wisdom and knowledge. You will get to learn a lot from every conversation. Thus, make friends and socialize with people who are smarter even if it may result in you being dumbest out of all. Eventually, it will just help your brain become smarter.

7) Be mindful

In this world of social media, it has become so much easier to absorb all the negativity that’s out there. Be wise and become mindful of what you are feeding your brain. Remember nothing positive can come out of a negative brain. So, keep yourself in check. Make sure that you are associating more with things that uplift you rather than those that don’t.

A positive brain will teach you a lot of positive things. It will give you inner as well as outer peace. And nothing helps your brain better to absorb new things, as well as peacefulness, does. So, make your brain smarter and be mindful of what are you feeding your brain.

8) Push yourself to become more productive

Remember being productive and being busy are two very different things. You can be productive and busy, but you can also be busy and not productive at all. The choice is yours. Would you choose the former or the latter? The result that you want is determined by what you do to achieve it.

So, if you want a smarter brain, you will have to work for it. Instead of spending your day watching Netflix movies, you can watch Netflix documentaries. Instead of playing normal games, you can play mind games. In the end, it’s the smarter decisions that make your brain smart.

9) Act on your ideas

Ideas do not mean anything if you don’t act on it. A lot of people get a lot of ideas but what makes some smarter is the fact that they work on their ideas. Don’t abandon any ideas that you have no matter how tacky it seems in your head. Write them down and research how you can make it better.

Share it with other people that you consider smart. Seek out to experts. Do whatever it is that’s necessary for you to excel in the ideas that you create. Acting on your ideas gives you experience, experience gives you the knowledge and in the end, knowledge gives you a smarter brain.

10) Believe in yourself

smarter brain
Believe in yourself
Source: Success unlimited mantra

All the habits that are mentioned above will not be possible as long as you don’t believe in yourself. Like a quote that says, ‘You are what you believe yourself to be.’ Don’t give up just because these habits seem intimidating.

Every expert was once a beginner and until and unless you start your journey you will never reach your destination. So, start your journey to a smarter brain by believing in yourself that you can make it smarter. The biggest change begins with a smaller one.