5 Brain Damaging Habits That You Might Want To Quit

5 Brain Damaging Habits That You Might Want To Quit
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It’s an irony that the organ that thinks and works the most is the one that we take less care of. Keeping our brain healthy is as important as keeping our body healthy. Have you ever feel your mental health going downhill? Or found yourself feeling drained even though you haven’t done anything much. It may be because we are not taking much care of our brains. Our small day-to-day habits may be one of the reasons. To fix that, we need to be aware of the bad habits that we have been following up. Here is the list of 5 habits that you need to quit as soon as possible to keep your brain healthy.

Loving couch too much

We have come across people who eat, drink, sleep and work at the same place all day. The disastrous effect of inactivity is inevitable. Sitting for too long in the same position is linked with problems like heart disease, obesity, depression, dementia, and cancer. Moreover, it even changes certain neurons in the brain. Break your monotonous routine and move around. It induces endorphins that make us feel better, keeps our hearts healthy, and make our brains work effortlessly.

5 Brain Damaging Habits That You Might Want To Quit

Loving sugar too much

Almost every food that surrounds us contains sugar. Undoubtedly, sugar is very addictive and that’s why we crave it so much. We all love sweet things but what we don’t know is their harmful effects on our brain. Sugar is related to a high spike in blood sugar which eventually creates the abnormal blood flow in the brain. Moreover, high sugar consumption can also lead to oxidative stress.  Consequently, it leads to moods, depression, poor memory, low concentration, and slower thinking. You may start performing low and you won’t even know why. Hence make sure you avoid sugar and make the right food choices.

Not getting enough sleep

Sleep deprivation doesn’t only invite problems like extreme daytime drowsiness. But many serious problems like impaired memory and depression. Did you know that even a single night of improper sleep can trigger your memory power? If you want to work at your highest diligence then don’t forget to get proper sleep.

Covering your head while sleeping

Covering our heads while sleeping may be comforting to us. But it actually leads to high consumption of carbon dioxide and reduces the consumption of oxygen. And we all know how essential is oxygen to our brain cells. Stop covering your head while sleeping and let your brain soak more oxygen.


Watching TV reality shows

Honestly, we all love to watch dramas. And this might shock you that watching such reality shows which are often fake is harmful to our brain. Reality shows literally are trash to our brain. Such shows actually rot our brain makes us less empathetic towards others. Constantly sticking with such shows can embed the same emotions and qualities we see on screen. What we see has subconscious effects on what we think. Hence, it’s time to quit such shows and engage yourself in inspiring and incentive content.

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