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Lifestyle Changes That You Will Experience After Meditation

Lifestyle Changes That You Will Experience After Meditation

Meditation is a possibility, tool, and inner technology that will help you to change your lifestyle. There are hundreds of practice related meditation which will show amazing result and tremendous transformation. So what will I experience after meditating? Will meditating an hour will change people’s lives?

You may have thousand of question-related to the art of living. However, the main theme of mediation is to make you calm, productive and also you can analyze the cognitive way of thinking. Once you begin to meditate daily, one thing is sure, you will explore the inner dimension of life. Your old bad habits will surely break down and you will find your self in bliss mode.

In brief, you will experience quality mediation by doing yoga. Here we have common lifestyle changes that you will get after indulging in daily meditation practice.

1. Pineal Gland: A Pleasure Far Bigger Than Sex

The secretion of the pineal, in a yogic terminology, is referred to as ‘Amruta. Once secretion happens everything about you will become sweet and beautiful. Moreover, meditating daily will make your life mesmerizing. It is not the sexuality which limits it. However, its excessive identity with the physicality which limits it.

Location of Pineal gland, Lifestyle Changes That You Will Experience After Meditation
Location of the Pineal gland

Sex is just a pleasure that we can get through the daily practice of meditation. Further, people want to extract happiness from other people through different humorous activities. But once you tapped into the inner wisdom then you will experience something far bigger than sex. So daily practice meditation just for 20 min will do a lot to you in terms of physical health, and mental health.

2. Waking Up Early

Daily practice of sound meditation will enhance the quality of your sleep. If you observe your sleep quota before and after meditating then you will notice that you will need less sleep. As a result, the time you spend in meditation will just refund back to you.

meditating early in the morning empower your whole day, Lifestyle Changes That You Will Experience After Meditation
meditating early in the morning empower your whole day, YouTube

If you feel difficulty while sleeping, having 20 min of meditation before sleep will make your body relaxed. Well, as a reward you will start waking up earlier.

3. You Have More Patience.

For most of us, patience is a skill, the ability to tolerate waiting, delaying or irritation without becoming frustrated or upset. Patience is the capability to control your emotions and when faced with difficult or frustrating situations it can proceed calmly.

Patience is not the ability to wait but how you act while your are waiting
Patience is not the ability to wait but how you act while you are waiting, Wayne Elsey

Daily meditation will enhance the window of perception, allowing you to observe the value of life. You get less upset and more relaxed after meditation. Canceled plans, disrespectful friends, rude customer service reps, or any other circumstance that may have triggered a negative reaction will just evaporate.

4. Real Happiness Is Internal Satisfaction

The only happiness you observed before you start meditating may have come from relationships, fame money, or achievements. After meditation starts, happiness starts filling you up from within. How will you know internal satisfaction? First of all, your circumstances will gradually change (i.e your heartbreak, scarcity of money, failure) weirdly, won’t make you sad.

Experiencing internal Bliss, Lifestyle Changes That You Will Experience After Meditation
Experiencing internal Bliss, YouTube

The more you have concrete control over your inner mechanism, the more you will have control over people, place and external situations. Nothing will be a hurdle if you feel good all the time.

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5. Mindfulness Deeper Impact

Mindfulness meditation will have a deeper impact. While we can easily manage stress and pain, it has a deeper effect on anyone who wants to rediscover a lost sense of understanding reality. Moreover, Mindfulness meditating is not a dogma or religion. It’s more of a spirit that you can travel through life with.

“Mindfulness is often spoken of as the heart of Buddhist meditation. It’s not about Buddhism, but about paying attention. That’s what all meditation is, no matter what tradition or particular technique is used.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

The original term ‘ mindfulness ‘ derives from the Pali word ‘ sati, ‘ meaning memory but is defined more accurately as ‘ lucid consciousness. ‘ It’s an embodied state that doesn’t let unnoticed everyday experiences or moments drift away.

6. You can make faster decisions

You will grab more perceptual acuity which helps you to make quick and right decisions after meditating. With daily meditation practice, the six senses will be heightened and having perceptual acuity will allow you to make fast decisions.

Faster Decisions, Lifestyle Changes That You Will Experience After Meditating
Faster Decisions, Digivizer

You don’t have to rely on people bounces of rational ideas rather you can create your own. Matter of fact, your decision-making capability makes a huge difference in solving a difficult problem. When I teach meditation to the people, I often realize that there is a huge difference in their behavior afterward.

The more you know about life, the more exciting and amazing it will be. So knowing the inner mechanics of life will take you up to the ultimate divine experience.

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