Alternative Lifestyle: The Causes of Alternative Lifestyles

Alternative Lifestyle: The Causes of Alternative Lifestyles

Would you ever like to leave mainstream society and live differently? Dream that you don’t have to work, and meeting great people will be worthwhile. Everywhere there is an alternative lifestyle because these days, people want to break their boundaries of freedom. We have summed up some guide and the cause of alternative Life in this article. Stay tuned and read the entire article to the end.

Rainbow Family

The Rainbow Family is a free association of the hippie tribes. Moreover, the Rainbow Family was formed back in the ’60s and ’70s. Many people across the world have lived a happy lifestyle traveling from place to place, enjoying each and every aspect of life.

Alternative way of living, Rainbow Family
Rainbow Family gathering for camping, SDPB Radio

This family forms regional gathering, and also hippie tribes have permanent camps. However, some are purely nomadic. In this alternative lifestyle, teamwork is essential. Further, one can learn how to camp, outdoor living, and live an enjoyable life.

However, if cleanliness is much essential to you, than you may get tired of this Rainbow Family lifestyle, the general hippie of this tribe travels so much that they won’t have much time for cleaning. On the other hand, the excellent aspect of this alternative lifestyle is there will be many awesome people who will sing, tells old stories for you. These folks travel from one camp to others, enjoying every culture, tradition in the U.S.

Ashram: Yoga Center

Ashrams are a great place to live if you are bored out with normal life. Find a good ashram where proper food, shelter is available. Also, there are thousands of yoga places, an alternative lifestyle where one can go and practice meditation. Ashram, a yoga center, is a place where spiritual as well as normal people can go for an extended period of sadhana, training.

Alternative way of living, Osho Ashram center
Osho Ashram center with hundred of seekers, hello travel

The place of the ashram is friendly and life over there is balanced. Many wonderful people come to the ashram for a peaceful moment. Well, some places like Osho ashram will help you to find your soul mate.

However, someplace will cost you for living an extended period. You will know the inner mechanics of life as well as you will build a great community.

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Co-ops are groups of people who combine resources with sharing goods and services that are required, such as food, shelter, health care, etc. Also, there might be a few in your city. Cooperative housing gives you a sense of community while also allowing you to live in a large city.

Communities of Co-op, Twitter
Communities of Co-op, Twitter

Co-ops share tasks like cleaning and shopping, and often rearrange meal duties, so you may have to cook food with a partner for a week. Co-ops are a perfect way of reducing costs and working with a sense of community. Moreover, some co-ops also have a focused sense of purpose, such as recycling, or a humanitarian cause, which can enhance the alternative lifestyle.

Intentional Communities

The mother of all lifestyle alternatives! For everyone, there’s a society out there; you have to pick your charming lifestyle. Some are more ways of living is more strange than others, and in some, you may need to be on warden for your alternative lifestyle, but joining an intentional community can quickly change your life.

Alternative lifestyle, Community of people
Intentional Community having fun, Pinterest

Intentional Communities are more focus on permaculture, religion, nudity, grid living, survival skills, polyamory, extra-terrestrials, and countercultural beliefs in many variants.

Native Villages

In a change of scenery and cultural experience, native villages deliver the best. If you’re in a circle of native villagers, you’ll be able to live in an old-fashioned way. Also, you will develop a good habit of Chopping the wood, bringing the water from well. Likewise, grinding the flour of corn, make a fire will be of more concern.

Florida Native Americans: Village 1591
Florida Native Americans: Village 1591, Fine Art America

It takes a lot of the day to fish, hunt, and cooks. Learning, telling a story, playing with kids, and spending quality time with others will be enjoyable.

Retreat Centres

Retreat centers have become famous throughout the US for the first time, but similar centers have now been found throughout the world. While you can pay a hefty fee for staying at these centers for a few weeks, another choice is to take part as a staff and live on-site while you’re working.

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