Why is Forcing A Child to Hug or Kiss Considered As Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Child Abuse is physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse of a child or children, in particular by a parent or caregiver.

Basically, child abuse is any act by a parent or stranger that makes a child uncomfortable and uneasy to express their feelings.

Everyone wants a child to be expressive and social during different occasions whether they’re their parents or any adults.

But let me tell you, not everyone has a good intention towards children.

Sadly, relatives or known persons are responsible for child abuse mostly.

Well, under the high pressure of being well mannered, the child often crosses the boundary of being comfortable. Further, for a lifetime, it gets imprinted.

Although child abuse might be of different form, the article below focuses on what happens if we force a child to hug or kiss.

Make sure you stay with us till the end.


Lose The Value Of Their Own Body

Physical Abuse

Practically, we are in the practice of patriarchal society.

Compared to boys, girls are more subjected to be the victim of abuse because of male dominating society.

It should be the case that, the person should have control over their own body.

In fact, whatever you want, people shouldn’t care about it, and you shouldn’t care about it too.

The person can do anything with their body as per their wish.

If someone is regularly abused, it obvious that they lose the value of their own body.

If we force the kids to embrace being kissed at a young age, we are installing the message in their mind that their body is controlled by others. Well, we should never forget that “A person’s body is their own body.


Crossing Boundaries

Child Abuse

There are those who believe that making children share hugs and kisses is linked to being sexually abused.

This totally makes sense when we realize that children’s bodies belong to them.

The campaign organized by NSPCC PANTS for pre-schoolers and upwards has conveyed the message about child abuse.

This campaign helps children to learn about harassment or abuse which can happen to them.

The acronym of the campaign helps the kids to understand physical boundaries clearly and why they are important.

The acronym is,

P– Privates are privates

A– Always remember your body belongs to you

N– No means no

T– Talk about secrets that upset you

S– Speak up, someone can help


Issues Trusting Gut Feeling

Sadly, parents are the one who teaches their children to suppress their instincts.

When someone forces children to do unusual stuff then they need to be alert.

In fact, we should teach them to have faith in their ‘gut instincts’.

Moreover, Parents are responsible for making their kids know if the touch is good or bad.


Being Forced For Affection

avoid forceful affection

Besides preventing abuse, most moms feel it is important to try to understand how your child feels when someone demands physical affection from them.

The genuine physical affection that children show when they throw their arms around you cannot be replaced with forced emotion.

Of course!!!!!! everyone finds it’s unpleasant if someone wants to control your emotions.


Feeling Of Unwanted Pressure

avoid pressuring

It’s often not only the case that kid doesn’t like touching or kissing.

The things we force them to do against their wish also may lead to child abuse.

Take away the stress, and your child will feel happier and more comfortable.

Essentially, when love is unforced and freely given, everybody benefits from it.


Feeling of Disrespect

Why is Forcing A Child to Hug or Kiss Considered As Child Abuse

If a child respectfully denies your physical attachment demand, try to accept it gracefully. Instead, it’s better if we praise the way they think.

Also, encourage all the adults to respect the choice of the child whether they want affection or not.

On the other hand, we need to teach our children to behave in a respectful manner with elders.


Helpless In Many Cases

Why is Forcing A Child to Hug or Kiss Considered As Child Abuse

Well, it not compulsory to greet someone with hugs and kisses.

In fact, there are many other alternatives to respect people.

You can help your children in unusual situations, providing them options.

Let us assume an awkward situation when your kids have to greet his/her uncle and aunt. In this case, you can provide him an option saying: “Can you give a hug or a high-five to Uncle Andy? Or maybe I think Aunt Cari would love to get a kiss from you?

What we need to remember here is that whatever they want must be respected.

Let them decide about their choice and find if they are comfortable with physical affection.

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