Why do We Hate Mondays

why do we hate mondays

Mondays blues. Mondays Scare. Most of us hate Mondays but why?

When the weekend rolls around, it’s a full time ahead to have fun. But when Sunday night comes, the pressure of responsibilities starts to attack the head.

We all know the struggle of dragging ourselves out to bed on a misty Monday morning, being late to college or work, and feeling asleep at our desk.

If we are unhappy with our job or schoolwork, this feeling only increases on Mondays. We hate Mondays, when we realize it’s time to repeat the same thing again and again.


We hate Mondays in the first place.


Did not prepare for today

why do we hate mondays

Procrastination, is a human nature. We often tend to shift our work because we are too lazy or ignorant or not enjoyable to us.

We do not prepare ourselves on time so that it doesn’t hamper us.

For instance, we have an important meeting or school projects or exam and we are not ready yet, that’s when we start to hate Mondays.

We get so much busy partying on Sundays, that we shift our work to Mondays.


Not doing something we love

why do we hate mondays

Obviously, we are not going to wake up feeling excited to go to a job or school we genuinely don’t enjoy.

It’s because we choose things out of comfort, or fear of the unknown, and bite the bullet on years upon years of dissatisfaction.

We do not feel fresh or energetic to start a day ahead on Monday, if we are doing something we don’t love to do.


Don’t enjoy our peer

why do we hate mondays

Most of the time, it’s the people around us that define how long are we going to stay in any given situation.

Regardless of how we feel about the work or studies, it can be difficult to take satisfaction in doing something with people who don’t bring any positive vibes around us.

If we don’t enjoy working with peer, we start hating Mondays. That’s because we have to face the same face and deal with same garbage again for the coming days.


Monday means doing it all over again

why do we hate mondays

This speaks directly to our culture that Monday means we have to start everything all over again.

Monday means repeating the same pattern of going to work or school every time. On Sundays, we become completely carefree about our work and time. We have fun on Sundays.

Whereas, on Mondays, waking up early, getting ready for work, having breakfast, doing our job, and coming back to home, that’s compulsion and repetitive.


Sleeping pattern changes during the Weekend

why do we hate mondays

Most of us spent our weekends either sleeping or enjoying a lot. Some of us wake up all night partying, and sleep all day whereas, some of us enjoy all day and sleep all night.

When Monday morning comes, its gets time for us to buckle up and be in a pattern. It obviously gets difficult for all of us to start the day all over again on Mondays.

That is why most of us hate Mondays because we can’t get enough of our sleep.


Vacation ends

why do we hate mondays

If just back from an incredible vacation, free of schedules, deadlines, projects or meetings and getting up early, that first day back at work on Monday can be depressing.

Whether single or having a family responsibilities, the weekend or vacation is time of cleaning, shopping, fixing and buying.

This enlistment comes to and end on Sunday and the bigger responsibilities of work starts from the Monday morning.


Working hour never seems to end

why do we hate mondays

Mondays are the start to the whole other days that we work. It is the first day to start the work again and continue it till the end of the week.

We probably hate Mondays because that the day when we realize our working hour never seems to end. It goes on repeating and we do not get enough time to enjoy ourselves or do something extra in our lives.

Mondays are the days where you have to keep on working and wait for the next day to work again.


Keep comparing Monday with Sunday

why do we hate mondays

We keep on comparing our Sundays which we enjoy a lot with the boring Mondays that we work hard.

We always want our days to be as good as it is on Sundays. So, when we have lots of work to do on Mondays, we keep thinking about what we did Sundays. This makes us feel sad and unexcited very often.

That is why we start to hate Mondays and keep waiting for Sundays to come.