How to Overcome Procrastination

overcoming procrastination

We all have days where we wish we could just lay down while all our due tasks magically finish. We have days where we’re too lazy to do something we leave for tomorrow.

You get worried that your deadlines are near, yet there is a lingering feeling that tells you to skip it for a day.

Procrastination means an act of delaying or postponing something. And it is somewhat a disease that is really hard to get off your system.

People procrastinate for multiple reasons. For some it’s a habit they adopted ever since they were little.

For some, it’s the confidence they have within that they’ll do it in time.

And for some, it is out of fear that they procrastinate.

Procrastination is not exactly a bad thing. However, when we make a habit out of something it’s never good news, is it?

Similarly, making procrastination a daily habit is the worse thing you could do to yourself.

Once you’re used to procrastinating things, it’s quite hard to get back. People tend to lose faith in themselves and give up thinking they’ll never overcome procrastination.

Nevertheless, it is not an impossible task. And the ways you can overcome procrastination is pretty simple and achievable for anyone.

Here are 7 simple ways you can overcome procrastination.

Set Deadlines.

Procrastination is a major internal struggle we all face almost every day. And while overcoming it seems like a daunting task, it is, matter of fact, quite easy.

The first step to overcoming procrastination is setting deadlines.

Whenever we do something, it’s important to know when to finish it. And if it’s hard we need to set deadlines.

Deadlines help us complete tasks in time as well as know our priorities. Which in case of work is always work.

Setting deadlines help you keep organized and focused on the task you need to complete.

However, sometimes work can be hectic because of deadlines. If that’s the case, you should divide your work and set smaller goals.

This helps you keep going and motivate you to complete your task in time.


It is very easy for a lot of us to get distracted from the things we’re doing. Sometimes our minds are so dull that instead of work, we divert it towards unnecessary things.

Losing focus is quite normal while working. However, it should not be repetitive.

To overcome procrastination, it’s important to keep yourself focused. There are many things you should put your mind into.

The most important thing to focus on is your main goal. Apart from that, focus on the amount of time you have in your hand. You should also keep track of what you’re doing.

Focusing helps you keep your mind in one track and complete the task without procrastinating.

Commit to the Task.

It’s very important while completing a task to commit to it. You should know very well what you’re doing beforehand.

Procrastinating is easy when you don’t really care about the work you’re doing. So, in order to avoid that, you need to keep your priorities straight.

Figure out what needs to be done and fully commit to it.

Develop Routines.

Some people might feel uncomfortable making routines and completing their tasks accordingly. However, developing routines and going along with it is the best way you overcome procrastination.

Managing proper time, developing discipline, avoiding distractions, and focusing on your goal is a crucial thing in order to overcome procrastination.

Developing routines doesn’t only help you overcome your postponing habits, but also keeps you organized.

Make it Fun.

overcoming procrastination

I know work gets daunting at times. Doing even the simplest thing feels like climbing Mt. Everest.

But one thing you’ve never realized is that the work you’re doing is not actually boring. But it’s the state of your mind that’s making it boring.

So in order to avoid putting your work aside for another day, try to make things fun and exciting.

You don’t have to sit in one place and work. You can walk around and freshen up a little. Trust me, this does not count as a distraction.

You can keep stress releasing toys at hand or keep your office area creative and engaging.

Try finding fun in the work you do which keeps your mind focused and off the feeling of procrastination.

Avoid Perfectionism.

As human beings, we’re allowed to make mistakes. The best thing you can do out of it is learning a valuable lesson.

Even while working or trying to complete a task, it’s important to realize that not everything we do is perfect.

We all know nobody is perfect, so why do we need to drain ourselves down while trying to achieve perfectionism?

The best thing to do while trying to overcome procrastination is avoiding perfectionism. And the sooner you realize that people aren’t as perfect as what they pretend to be, the better.

Reward Yourself.

overcoming procrastination

And finally, one important thing you should do to overcome procrastination is, reward yourself.

It might seem a little strange but rewarding yourself for completing a task helps you avoid putting off your work for the next day.

You get so focused on completing the task and get a good treat, postponing it is probably the last thing on your mind.

You should learn to forgive yourself if you ever catch yourself procrastinating. However, you should learn from the mistakes as well.

And for completing every task give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself with something good.

Treating yourself doesn’t have to be materialistic always. You can give yourself a little extra break. Or maybe a nice nap if you work from home.

Nevertheless, if you’re a procrastinator like almost all of us, acknowledge it and try to make yourself better instead of getting sad over it.

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