Tips to Help You Find Your Monday Motivation

If you go through all feelings below, be aware you might be suffering from lack of Monday Motivation.

You wake up and get triggered by overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness, and stress.

You walk into your office with a sinking feeling in your stomach.

You lack passion and motivation to work. You wander aimlessly around the office until you find your desk.

You have weeks work ahead of you and you are like a zombie walking around.

No motivation, no satisfaction, no inspiration, and no desire to do anything.

Lack of Monday motivation usually contains elements of depression, tiredness, and hopelessness.

It turns out that lack of Monday motivation has negative impact on your productivity as well as people around you.

So, do you want to gain back your Monday motivation and be awesome in your personal and professional life?

If so, here are some amazing tips about Monday motivation you can apply in yourself to have a great Monday ahead.


Identify the Problem Causing Blue Monday

There’s a quote on Monday, “Even art gets up at 8:00 am on Monday,” which says it all.

No matter how energetic you are, you can related your lack of Monday motivation with everyone else.

However, people have different reasons why they have Blue Mondays.

For some it might be hard to leave their children and spouse behind for work.

While for others, it might be hard to leave the cozy comfort of their beds.

Hence, to gain Monday motivation, the first thing to do is asking yourself what’s wrong with you.

If you want to get Monday motivation, you need to identify what is that you hate so much about Monday.

It might be a significant sign that you are unhappy with something either your work or life as a whole.

So, the only choice for you is to either fix the situation or move on with it and have a regular life.


Early to Bed Early to Rise

In most cases, the reason you lack Monday motivation or have Blue Mondays’ might not just be because you hate your work or life.

It might be that you don’t get enough sleep or that you sleep too much.

As recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, most working age adults should get 9 hours of sleep at night.

Any more or less sleep than that can get you groggy and victim of Blue Monday.

So, if you want to have a fantastic Monday motivation right off, get to bed early Sunday night.

You can go to late night parties, but do it occasionally so that you don’t have trouble on Mondays.

Get 7-9 hours of sleep, and wake up early enough to give your brain a little start up time.


Make a List of Things You’re Excited About

When you look ahead of the weekend and think of all the stuffs to do, you feel discouraged and demotivated.

It’s just the start of the week and you have so much yet to complete.

Normally everyone gets demotivated on Mondays when they have lots of responsibilities to fulfill.

So, in order not to have Blue Mondays, you need to start making list of things that gets you excited.

Seek for things that you look forward to at work that week which makes you excited.

This will definitely light up your mood for the whole weekend and gain you lots of Monday motivation ahead.

However, if you can’t think of things you look forwards to that might be an indication to bring change in your life.

Unplug For the Weekend To Gain Monday Motivation

One of the reasons you may lack Monday motivation at the beginning of your work week might be not taking a break.

You are rundown from the last week’s work which somehow extends into another whole week.

Sometimes, overworking for a whole week can be a reason for you to be a victim of Blue Mondays.

So, give yourself time to recharge yourself to maintain your motivation and quality of work.

Avoid taking calls or checking e-mails when you are off for the weekend.

It can be tempting to know what’s waiting for you, but drawing clearly defined boundaries between work and personal time is extremely necessary.

While you may feel like this will put you behind, you will be more prepared for Monday motivation.


Plan Ahead

Monday motivation depends on how you deal with your schedule on Mondays.

If your first hour of work involves repeatedly checking emails, going through social media accounts, you are doing it all wrong.

In fact going to work with no idea of what to do next, no direction will definitely make you suffer from Blue Mondays.

So, instead of being a zombie in front of your colleagues, get creative, innovative and energetic.

No one is going to drag you to your desk and make you do your  .

You are the one to take care of yourself, so take some initiative yourself to remove Blue Mondays from your life.

Always, make a list of what you want to do and what you want to accomplish at work before you leave the office on Friday.

Revisits your list Sunday night before going to bed and on Monday morning.

If you do this, you’ll be able to walk into the office with lots of motivation, enthusiasm and a clear vision.