Things Women must do for Themselves

It’s hard being a woman in this male-driven world. Denials are a regular thing for us now.

From homes and offices to streets, women are more neglected than men. So, it is easy for us to not feel worthy at times.

For centuries women are deprived of so many things. From their basic rights to their moral rights.

Yet, their strength and resilience are what keeps them going.

The world has put such a picture of a perfect woman that instead of feeling empowered, we feel we’re a shame.

A shame to ourselves and society.

What most women fail to understand is that they’re beautiful just the way they are.

Sure, a little makeup never hurts anybody, but we should never let that run our life.

There is a different kind of beauty in being a woman. And that beauty elevates to a whole different level if only we learn to take care of ourselves.

Women around the world sacrifice so much for other people, that they barely have any time for themselves.

But you should know it’s completely okay to be selfish sometimes, for your own sake. And for the sake of your inner happiness.

Here are things every woman must do for themselves.

Treat Yourself.

Ladies, one thing you should learn to do is to treat yourself.

Whether it’s taking yourself out for a nice meal, splurging on the things you love, and pampering yourself.

You should know that you deserve it all.

If you can’t do it alone, there are always your girlfriends having your back.

Assemble your squad and go out and have the time of your life. You can go to the movies, hit the club with your girls, or simply have a little sleepover.

It doesn’t matter what activity you do as long as you’re keeping yourself happy and satisfied.

So, the next time you’re feeling down, forget everything else and treat yourself, you deserve it.

Figure out your Mantra.

Life is a steady journey filled with so many ups and downs. There are times where you feel overly joyous.

And there are times when things just don’t go right.

It’s easy to blame the situation or circumstances but what would be better is having the courage to face difficulties.

So, it’s important for every woman to figure out their life mantra.

Make sure you know what calms you down and gives you the strength to be a better person.


There isn’t a better medicine to cure your blues than to travel to unknown places.

And one thing you should do as a woman is set a trip to unknown places all by yourself.

There might be a lot of difficulties you have to face since you’ve never been to those places. But, that’s the whole point.

This is what teaches you to be independent and makes you fall in love with it.

And if you, as a woman, have the guts to travel alone, you’ll have the guts to take any risk in life.

Live on your own.

There is a different kind of beauty in being independent. Yes, it comes with a lot of challenges, but it also teaches you a lot about life.

So, as a woman, you must live on your own, for once in your life.

Don’t ever stress out about whether society will accept you or what would other people say or think.

It’s your life, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to live on your own or never want to leave your parents’ house.

Living on your own is definitely a huge step to take. And there are obviously a lot of challenges you have to face.

But overcoming these challenges is what gives your strength. And you’ll have a taste of what freedom feels like.

Love yourself.

The one thing most women are guilty of doing is not loving and valuing themselves more.

This harsh world never fails us to always make sure that we feel bad for being who are.

They have no problem exploiting us. And we, on the other hand, it’s like our daily job to wear ourselves down.

We give so much love out to other people. But we forget how important it is to love ourselves.

If we can’t even love ourselves how do we expect to love others?

So, make sure you do things that make you happy and fall in love with yourself more and more, every day.

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