The Influence of Social Media on Young People

The Influence of Social Media on Young People

For the human mind, social media is a relatively new challenge. With social media becoming much more interwoven in people’s lives with each passing year and generation, we must grasp the full effects of each platform on our mental health. Despite a person’s whereabouts, the digital revolution has already altered the world of information to share, archiving, speed, and retrieval. Here, we discuss the influence of social media on young people around the world.

What is Addiction to Social Media?

Social Network Addiction is a psychiatric illness that affects people worldwide, and it’s treated similarly to alcoholism or any other addiction. The indicators may include the individuals linked to the social networking website losing track of time, sleeping beyond their bedtime, and ignoring work or any significant school task.

Social networking sites are, mostly, a secure platform for socializing and self-expression; mostly used by those who have poor self-esteem. Because their inner demons afflict them, they explore more satisfyingly on the internet than in actual life.

A Comprehensive Social-Media Analysis

Each kid now appears to have their smartphone, allowing them to access various social media applications. It lured them to the social media apps since it enables them to access all of their information with just one swipe. They have the illusion of holding the rest of the world in their grasp.

According to the findings of a survey conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health, which included over 1,500 children between the ages of 13 and 19, social platforms influence psychological issues such as stress, depression, insomnia, and body image and have risen dramatically in recent years.


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The usage and influence of social media are becoming inextricably tied to mental wellbeing. It would be undoubtedly relevant for youths, who are frequent users and whose cognition is emotionally and socially mature.

Ideas for Improvement

Social media is the most modern and popular type of media. It is a valuable tool for children to get information and knowledge. In recent years, there has been a substantial growth in the usage of social media to form perceptions about socio-political images. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. As a result, youth should limit their use of social media. They must maintain a good balance in life and devote adequate time to extracurricular activities of the daily schedule.

On a more serious note, the influence of social media on academic achievement is easy to detect. Students have lost their ability to concentrate on reading books because of their excessive technology usage for amusement. To maintain order, social media usage should emphasize the good rather than the bad.

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