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Skateboarding Debuts In The Olympic, 13 year Old Nishiya Wins

A week ago Japan’s Olympic 2020 was stealing the limelight. Because they were determined enough to host the international event even amidst the pandemic. Since the event has started already. It has been stealing everyone’s attention around the world. Moreover, including skateboarding at the Summer Olympics 2020 has caught the public’s eye.

Ages on the street and now this unique sport has taken place in the Olympics. Hence it was already predicted that skateboarding in the Olympics is going to steal everyone’s attention. Safe to say that, yes it did! Skateboarding is one of the four new games to Olympic 2020. And has also got the green flag for the 2024 Summer Olympic games. Here is what you might want to know about Skateboarding and Olympic 2020.

Skateboarding and Olympic 2020

The first skateboards started in the 1940s. They were made of wooden boxes, or boards, with metal roller wheels at the bottom. Eventually, planks replaced wooden boxes which were similar to the skateboard decks we see today. It first started in California where people used to surf on the sidewalk. Hence it was also called “sidewalk surfing”. It gained popularity among youths in no time. Likewise, it became one of the most promising street cultures. And interestingly it’s no more just a  street culture but one of the most interesting games to witness at the Olympic 2020.

Skateboarding Debuts In The Olympic, 13 year Old Nishiya Wins
The Japan Times

The game event is categorized into two parts, Park (Men/Women) and Street (Men/Women). Park and Street are two different designers of this game. Players are free to choose the course they want to compete in. The game is designed very wisely as both the “Street” and “Park” courses have been designed with equality in mind for both regular and goofy stance skateboarders as well as all genders to compete on. Moreover, the players are allowed to amaze the crowd with any trick or stunt they want.

13- Year-old Nishiya Wins Gold

Japanese Momiji Nishiya, 13, has pulled off the Olympic title in the women’s street skateboarding competition becoming the country’s youngest gold medal winner. Besides the amazing record, she is also one of the first athletes to claim the first gold medal for the sport in Olympic history. Nishiya said “I welled up in tears because I was beyond happy” when she realized she had won gold.

Skateboarding Debuts In The Olympic, 13 year Old Nishiya Wins
Japan’s Nishiya poses with her gold medal during the podium ceremony of the skateboarding women’s street final of Tokyo 2020 [Jeff Pachoud/AFP]
She also said that she didn’t see the gold coming. Because she was stressed out after initially stumbling and missing key landings on her first two tricks. The whole competition had an unusually young field of competitors. Because all three medalists were in their teens.

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